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01/13/2009 08:37 PM

2 mo old son

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hi my name is brittany i just found out the first of this month that somone shook my two mo old son. hes been in the hospital since the first. i worked and his father watched him. the fathers refused the lie detector test, ive passed. he hasnt been there for him, hes lieing. i just dont know what to do. i feel so lost and helpless. you think you know someone then out of no where something so tragic happens that just tears your life apart.

01/18/2009 09:49 PM
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Hi brittany,

I feel your pain. In my situation, my ex-husband was the perpetrator and I know he shook my daughter, but he denies everything. Although I thought the police force was doing their job in catching the suspect(my ex-husband) it didnt happen till now. Since then, and as of right now my focus is on my daughter who was the victim. The only advice right now I know will give you a soothing heart and mind is God! I know we have our own beliefs, but God was the one who has brought me through some very tough times. Seeing your child suffer is heart breaking. As human as we are, we just cant handle something like this. But, I pray Gods healing power over your baby, and you. Brittany, His Love is everlasting and his Grace is sufficient for anyone who believes. Call on him and he will give you he's peace that you will need to get through this trying time.

Almost 7 years ago I thought my daughter wasnt going to make it, she was in the hospital for a whole month, it was crazy. However, we celebrated her 7th birthday this pass Wednesday and Iam so greatful for Gods everlasting love and mercy. My daughter has many physical and mental needs. still, God has brought my daugther and I through every one of them. Its hard to see her struggling physically and mentally, but God has been good.

I hope your baby is doing fine and please take care of yourself, because your baby will need you.




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