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02/12/2009 09:19 PM

looking for someone to talk to

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we just found out that my daughers bf has been shaking my grandson im at a loss i dont know what to do or where to begin to look for help you see she is a young mother she is only 17 will be 18 this year and he is already 18 almost 19 i love my grandson and need to help him any way i can he is my whole world

02/15/2009 10:32 PM
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Dear smurfy,

I may not know all that your going through, but I know the feeling of seeing someone so precious like a baby fighting for their life and you cant do nothing to help them. But, what helped me through my ordeal, was to pray, praying for my daughter and especially to pray for myself. I felt angry, hopeless, guilty, frustrated, I too, couldnt believe my ex-husband, but, husband at the time could do something so horrific as to hurt their own baby, but it happened, and today my Alissa is paying the price for her fathers ignorance.

I'm not sure of the outcome of your grandsons brain injury, but, what is important is setting up medical services for your grandson ASAP!!!! Early intervention services with the 0 -3 program, making sure he receives all therapy services, so as to start his recovery and to get him physically and mentally able again.

As with my Alissa, she is severely developmentally delayed. Alissa has physical, mental, vision and cognitive impairments. I try not to allow her disabilities to discourage me from doing what I need to do to help her. Still, its been a long journey, and God has seen me through many difficult times. Believe me, sometimes I want out, but, somehow I know I need to seek Gods peace for Alissa and my life, if not, I will just fall apart.

Smurfy, I pray Gods peace for your grandson, daughter and you.

Much Love



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