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02/07/2009 04:22 AM

Topics on treatments for abused kids ?


Hi friends,

i have read some papers on treatments for abused kids in usa, and some stats on it.

So would you be interested by some topics on it ?

Just let me know.

have a nice day.



02/07/2009 08:23 AM
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Fire away christine. Any type of reading material on sexual abuse is welcomed. At least for me it is. Thanks.


02/14/2009 04:45 AM

The book on sexual abuse that is hard for me to read. "Courage To Heal" If anyone is ready to read a great book it is that way and hard to read. When you have a hard time reading this book, just put it down and read another book. Just thought you would like to read any other book. Hugs, Brendy

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