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01/27/2011 06:53 AM

Weak Days

green779Posts: 4
New Member

I am really struggling today. My boyfriend is not supportive of the help I think I need, but he doesnt want to be my support system either. I feel so lost and weak. I need guidance on how to get this process started. PLEASE HELP

01/27/2011 10:06 AM
Posts: 369

Hi green and welcome to the forum. I know you have posted twice so I will address both in just this one. A few things to know (and accept) right off the bat:

1) You can't stop this by yourself.

2) You will need much more (professional) help that we can provide in this humble forum.

3) You most certainly CAN BEAT THIS - I have!

Have you ever sought professional mental help or have been diagnosed as bipolar?

How much does your BF (really) know about your addiction?

Honestly, he cannot be your support system from the onset. People who are emotionally close to us are the worst support system because this addiction affects them just as bad. Our significant others are better playing a role of "support of the support", meaning they are important once you have already accepted your problem AND have been seen by a therapist. Please know that medication is many times needed. The more details you can share with us, the better we can help you.

Carl - Group Leader

01/28/2011 06:46 PM
Posts: 430

Just take it one day at a time. You are going to need to explore many different avenues and the entire process takes time. The hardest part is that we have to walk along. We'll meet many people who are walking similar paths, and have many friends and family members happy to watch from the sidelines - unfortuantely not everyone chooses to stay. We must take care of ourselves first. Hopefully, in time, your partner will see this is important to you and find a way to support you that he is comfortable with.

There are many paths to recovery. I like meetings combined with therapy. Keep asking, keep searching, keep trying you will find your path.


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