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05/23/2012 08:23 AM

What to do after a 33 year marriage ends.

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I was married for 33 years together 36....I'm 55 years old. 3 years of hurt, distrust prior to actual seperation. It has been 19 months and my life is a disater. Depression & anxiety has completely taken over my life. It has now phsically & mentally destroyed me. What to do, how to make myself do it. Financially unable to afford counselling. Not many local support groups.

05/23/2012 10:53 AM
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I hear you exactly: I was married for 25 years, and I'm 52. And let's face it: it's so much harder for women out here alone. My divorced male friend is very busy on the dating scene. I have anxiety and depression, and go into bouts of crying that leave me feeling like all of my insides have been ripped out. But...I keep going, and you will too...there is something ahead for day at a time....

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