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05/16/2012 11:50 AM

Which comes first...?


I don't know which comes first. Anxiety (and my over-thinking of my thoughts to the death) and then I indulge in self-harm or I zone-out and shut down my emotions to self-harm and then become anxious about life progressively? Am I anxious that's why I self-harm or do I become anxious because I self-harm? Maybe both?

I'm working on letting go of things I have no control over like the past, like my parent's behavior, like my son's biological parent, etc. I'm finally learning to accept the things I can't change and quit worrying about it. Or at least, I'm starting to develop that attitude. Who knows?


05/17/2012 05:17 AM
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Anxiety seems to be one thing but SI, for me is more because of depression.

05/17/2012 06:18 AM
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For me its when i get triggered, when i get upset over something and the emotions is so overwhelming that it feels like my heart is actually aching. i just want to stop it, stop the pain and thats when i cut

05/17/2012 08:42 AM
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For me it's all the anxiety that comes first and my thoughts are racing a mile a min and I need something to hyper focus on and I want some physical manifestation of the pain in my head. As sometimes it's triggered

By anxiety over feeling like I failed at something and needing to stop that anxiety and punish myself at the same

Time. So for me anxiety is definietly my trigger


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