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02/14/2012 11:06 PM


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Hey guys it's Brandon.

I know I haven't been on in a while but I'm here to change that.

When I finally gave up cutting after almost a year, I started burning myself and that lasted almost another complete year.

Then I finally gave that up for something else.


It's strange now when I think about it, but i started litterly bitting myself.

All over my arms.

To the point where i'd draw blood.

This started when I went to residential treatment after my grandma was hospitialized.

( I was forced to live with my abusive father for several days following my grandma's hospitalization. I made it very known that i wasn't happy there. He finally kicked me out after i refused to let him hurt me again. i staid on the street for about a day and a half before i was picked up by the police. I didn't want to go back to my dad's and my dad said he certaintly didn't want me back. The behavior i displayed when CPS came to the police station for me got me sent to a group home for three months.)

While in the residential facility I never had accsess to anything i could use to hurt myself with.

They kept me on a very tight watch.

I wasn't even allowed to shower with the door closed.

The only tool i had with me were my teeth.

they didn't like it.

I continued to bite myself to the point where i was forced to sit on my hands and keep a guard in my mouth whenever i got angry or upset.

Eventually I stopped biting as my treatment in their therapy sessions grew on.

After being "bite free" for 6 weeks, I moved into a foster home.

I'm still in the new home and I'm happier than i've ever been in my life it seems.

I don't bite myself, cut myself, or burn myself anymore.

At least I havent since i've been out of the residential facility.

There are still times when i get overwhelmed with reality but i have a new system with my foster parents that really seems to be helping me.

I appreciate all of everyone's support and I wish all of you the best with what's to come.


02/15/2012 01:17 AM
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congradulations!!!! That is excellent. Its amazing how the right type of environment can help us make it through the hardest times ever. Im glad that your new foster home is able to provide you what you need to help you. Even though things may not be perfect you are working your way past this which is in itself no easy task. Support is worth more than most can believe. I am happy things are going well for you Smile

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