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11/24/2010 02:10 PM

help... I really need some people to chat with...

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Ive been really depressed. things have been crashing really hard for about the last 5 months...and they seem to get stickier and stickier...and i am cutting, burning...and pulling hair...its never enough...never enough blood and never enough pain to numb out the agony inside of me...

in these moments i want someone to talk to...someone who undersands and who is not going to be rude or condesending...

so i look to all of you!

I dont have steady internet...but i have im on my i am wondering if there are others out there who have mesaging what would be willing to add me as a friend... so that if i really need help, i dont have to wait till i can get online again...

thanks a ton...

i just need to be heard and understood...



11/24/2010 02:19 PM

I have msn messenger. i'm online on my phone all the time as well. I also suffer from depression and SI, along with many other things and i'm currently stuck in a "rut" as well. I'm here any time you need to talk. just add me on messenger Wink

11/24/2010 02:41 PM

I have msn messenger , and I'm online most of the time, maybe at odd hours for you, since I live on the other side of the world, but maybe I'll be online when others aren't, I'm suffering from depresion and at the moment I've been free from SI in about half a year. I never judge people, so just add me an talk to me whenever you feel like Smile

11/26/2010 01:42 AM
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Hi there TruNature, I am sorry things are so tough right now. I am always available to text. I live by my phone, even if I don't always get to reply right away I will always try to reply to a message that is sent to me. I havn't been able to get to the computer all the time to check in with everybody on the group site but if your in need of someone to txt I can give you my phone number through a PM if you would like. It is long distance though since I am in Alaska though. PM me if you would like it, I get those updates on my phone too.


11/29/2010 05:51 PM
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thanks you guys, it really means alot to me...

11/29/2010 06:46 PM
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you can pm me if you need my number i usaully text more then on here i try to get on as much as possivle.

11/30/2010 05:10 PM
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I had to disable my text (see emotional abusive relationship) : (

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