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02/26/2010 04:26 AM

Sad news that really did not have the right timing


While lying on my bed, down and just feeling empty and worthless some two hours ago, I received news from my former classmate in high school that one of our former batchmates has just died last Tuesday because of intestinal tuberculosis. That guy who died transferred to our school when we were third year students and I had him as a classmate and he liked to play computer games and he was a very brilliant math student he was one of our school's trainees for Australian Math.

He would be buried tomorrow.

I was so shocked to have received the news cause we go to the same university since he transferred here too from a previous one and we seldom see each other. But to receive such news was heavy cause I knew the guy and I know it's disenfranchised but I just feel so sorry. I am not a nurse right now I am a human being and it just makes me feel said that he died under such circumstances.

I know it did not come at the right time but I know wherever he will be I know he did not die without fighting to live. So sad that he had to die in pain. I dedicate this post to my former batchmate and I would offer him prayers tonight.


02/26/2010 06:56 AM
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Big Hugs to you in your time of grief (((HUGS))))). So sorry for your loss. Please take care.

02/27/2010 05:11 AM
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So sorry to hear about this loss...its never easy when these things happen. Death is never easy, and even harder when its the young that passes...

Stay strong



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