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12/14/2010 04:54 AM

Low back pain - muscle spasm or . . .?

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Hello, folks -

I surfed into this site and found your group. Reads like a community of kindred souls. Here is my question, prefaced by a little background.

I have scoliosis initiating from a malformed vertebra that sits just at the top of my tailbone, as well as mild kyphosis. My curvature is mild in the larger scope of things - I've probably lost about two inches in height, ribcage sits too close to my hips, ribs impinge on one another at different points on each side. I've been very lucky in this, because skeletal stuff is a genetic thing in the maternal side of my family (my grandma had hip displasia, my aunt had severe kyphosis, called "humpback" in those days, and my mother had exactly the same vertebral deformity that I do), and yet I have not had too many problems. I am 63, and participate in a bunch of physical activity to increase and maintain core strength (pilates, Nia, Tai Chi, et cetera), which helps.

So, here is my question; I have always had pain, and so have just gotten used to it (sound familiar?) In particular, working in my perennial gardens, something that takes up many of my days in the spring, summer, and fall, means bending over, and I end up with what I have always taken to be muscle spasms in my back. These move around, depending on some crazy internal thingy (and by the way, deep muscular massage, what used to be called Rolfing, is WONDERFUL to deal with that - if hurts like an SOB, but as John Mellencamp says, "hurts so good!" I've actually seen realignment of what used to be a pretty prominent right collar blade through Rolfing).

The issue I'm asking about is lower back pain. It is not a sharp "knife in the back" pain that screams "get off that nerve right now, or you'll never walk again!" Fortunately, I've had very few of those, and my sympathies are with those of you who live with that daily. Instead, this is more of a dull ache, different still from a muscle spasm. I have been using a Back-2-Life machine that wiggles my hips and does seem to reduce the pain, but I'm wondering if this is something that could be pointing to more of a problem than I want to think about. Any ideas?

I'm sorry this post is so long -


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