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08/25/2009 07:00 PM

Here's info on a successful TENS unit


Information provided by ALYGIRL on her tens unit – which she loves and uses a lot:

I will give you the info from the back of my unit....

It is a Zewa TENS 502

Zewa, Inc.

Miami, FL 33178


So anyway, the TENS unit has 2 little portals which each have 2 pads to place on your skin. The pad are 2 x 2 in. So you have a total of 4 pads to use at any given time.

As I spent many weeks and months in PT, I had learned that is is best to place both above and below the site of the actual pain. Placement is tricky. Sometimes you have to play around with it and see. You can adjust strength of each connection separately. The pulse width, and the pulse rate (I just play around with this as well) are adjustable too. You can choose the "mode", which determines the delivery - continuous, "moderated" (the strength builds up and then goes down, and back up, etc), or "blasts" (short pulses).

You can also choose a timer - where it will perform for 30 minutes, 60 minutes, or continuous.

Depending on the type of pain you are having, you'll have to play around with it until you master the techniques and placements. ALWAYS start as LOW as possible, then work up to what you can tolerate. Trust me - I have accidently turned the dial - and had been frozen up before, lol.

It really is a God- send for me.... I hope you can take advantage of this

Oh, and it takes 1 "D" battery - which lasts for a pretty long time!

You can refer my TENS unit. I went to a website, and on there it says that it's available by prescription.... Mine was not. It also had it listed at around $80 bucks... Another website had it listed "on sale" for $59. I got mine a few years ago, and it was around $50. I still say it's worth every penny. The website I saw it on was Go to that website and type in TENS unit in the "search" area. My particular unit was listed at the bottom of the list.


08/26/2009 08:29 AM
aTinaLPosts: 11832
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Alygirl is Alycyn, right? I like her. She's very nice.

I have a small tens unit, but ever since I zapped myself with it, I don't use it! I'm chicken! LOL!

08/26/2009 08:41 AM

Hey Tina

I am so sorry you "zapped" yourself with the unit..!!..

Alycyn also mentioned she had done something similar to herself...

I do not quite understand what the effect would be like. Could you further describe the effect - I am just as big a chicken as you are.

Rolf Rolf

08/27/2009 03:41 PM
aTinaLPosts: 11832
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I'm an Advocate

It's like getting zapped with an electrical outlet. Have you ever accidentally plugged a bad plug in? And gotten zapped? That's about what it was like. Not very pleasant!

That was the worst one I got. I got another one right before it that was just a tiny one, and that was kind of like a short, painful pinch!


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