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12/17/2011 11:12 AM

Will this agony last long?

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Hi - have been diagnosed with a form of sciatica this week. I think the piriformis muscle is sitting on the sciatic nerve. I have never experienced pain like this (I broke my neck three years ago and that was nothing compared to this). For the last three days I have actually been screaming in agony when I have had to walk even a few steps. I had acupuncture at the beginning of the week which seems to have made the pain worse. GP has given me anti inflams, co codomal, and diazapam but they only seem to give me relief from the pain when I am lying down. And they are making me feel pretty groggy. He says it will take 6-8 weeks to recover. Can anyone tell me how long this really severe stage is likely to last? Am due to have more acupuncture on Monday but am beginning to think this isn't such a good idea until all the inflammation has calmed down a bit.

12/17/2011 06:06 PM
RaoulPosts: 4014
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Hi Hun

Sorry, I was out most of the day.

I am sorry you are in pain.

And I do understand your pain.

Although I do not know whether all of your pain is actually from the piraformis - I will give you a few things to do to stop your pain from the piraformis.

The piraformis is a muscle in the butt on both sides. After the sciatic nerve leaves the spine , it splits into two parts , each of which goes down one of the legs to serve the leg and foot.

First you have irritated the sciatic nerve with the piraformis muscle - so you need some sort of an anti inflamatory. You can get a shot of cortisone( not a good idea) or take aleve two times a day (12 hours a part) [excellent idea] , or take other anti inflamatory meds.

Second you need pain meds for a while - I recommend either tylenol, or tylenol 3 (that is tylenol with some codine) , or vicodin (very strong).

Third you need a muscle relaxer - personally , I like parafon forte (it comes in 500 mg tablets - and I cut it into quarters and take it morning, noon, and night initially for a flare up. Then I slowly cut back to morning and night . Later I cut back to night.

forth - You need to do piraformis stretches. This is absolutely needed. Google "piraforma stretches video" and watch the videos. There are a number of very simple stretches for you to do and they do not hurt you. They will help you a lot.

fifth - you need to ice your butt where it hurts. Use a bag of ice cubes and put them on for 15 to 20 minutes, then off for 2 hours minimum. Do nto want to get frost bite. You can do it about 2 or 3 times a day.

sixth - you need to get some "Icy Hot Spray" or Ben Gay and rub it on the piraformis muscles - which is where it hurts. That is in the butt.


Okay - it is very likely that you have more than just piraforma synfrome. You need to get a lumbar MRI to see what is going on. You may have some sciatica or stenosis down there. If you get the MRI, ask for a copy of the films and the report. "You" need to get both !

I hope this helps you. I hope your pain drops quickly.

Please come back and talk to us more about your situation.

We all understand and want to help.

big gentle hugs, Raoul

12/17/2011 06:07 PM
RaoulPosts: 4014
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Oh - more -

Pain from the piraformis is located in the butt on one or more sides, and can also occur in the back of the legs from the butt to the knee(s). It rarely goes below the knees.


05/08/2012 05:53 PM
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I seriously hope your agony doesn't last long! I hope they are able to help you relieve some of your pain. My sciatica never seems to go away.

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