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03/26/2010 08:16 AM

sciatica pain

dustmattPosts: 7
New Member

just joined today. I was told I had a fractured vertebrae and would take about 12 weeks to heal. It has created sciatica pain in my right side and lower back. It is so bad that I have to sleep in a reclining chair at night but only can go about 2 hours. The pain is a 10 and radiates from my right hip down to my knee. my skin feels numb but pain is so bad, I can't walk. Am on meds and ice and heat.If I do lay down in bed I can't get up without my wifes help. She helps me to the shower where I let hot water beat on my back and leg, it seems to help a little. Does anyone know how I can improve the pain, perhaps with some sort of exercise.By the way this has been going on now for over a month, is there anyone out there that can help me get some sleep. Thanks Dave

03/26/2010 08:49 AM
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Hi dustmatt,

I am so sorry for all the suffering you are experiencing at present.

There is a guy on here, Raoul, who is an expert in helping with sciatica pain.

I remember the time i had to sleep in a recliner for 6 weeks and used a wheelchair the rest of the time.

The pain was unbelievable.

During that 6 week period I could not walk either. Even transfering to toilet or chair was so horrible I truly believe if the severe pain had lasted more than seconds I would have passed out.

Now, I only have episodes of sciatica and never, never what it was in the beginning.

It took a few months to be able to get out of wheelchair and then gradually I was able to sleep in bed and walk without excruiating pain.

For me, it took a year, using canes, and never walking long distances before the sciatica healed.

When I was at where you are now, the only thing that would give me any relief was a combo of meds...Elavil and Neurotin in large doses. Yes, it totally addled me but it gave my body time to heal somewhat.

Then, it was gradually cut down till now all I take is a much smaller dose of neurotin. And use methods to help along with pain meds.

Perhaps, you could send Ray a PM and he will get back to you.

One of the things he uses is a percussion vibrator.

Look around on the Sciatica boards and try to find his advice ot people and I know there is things about the percussion vibrator.

My heart is with you dear.

Hoping to hear you have found something that helps.

Gentle hugs

03/26/2010 11:13 AM

Hi Dave

I am sorry you are in pain - I sure can relate.

SInce you pain i between the hip and knee - I will assume a few things - (1) that your injury is in the lower lumbar and probably the L4-L5/S1 zone. (2) the pain is the burning type of pain.

Bits is right a percussion vibrator would help and you would not need to place it directly on the spine. Look over the thread - General forum (top line menu) > named = "had a problem - found a solution" ...that post relates to the cervical spine, but the vibrator is similar. The techniques is different - but I will gladly review the mthood with you any time you have a vibrator. And there will never be any sort of a charge for the help.

In the meantime - yes - there are lots you can do to ease the pain.

1. get a 3" memory foam topper for your bed and double it on your side until the pain is way gone. That means you will sleep on 6" of memory foam - and you will be so glad within one night.

2.Get a feather pillow and sleep with your head and shoulders on the pillow.

3. place an extra pillow under your knees when you sleep to take all pressure and stressoff of the lower back.

4. Do lower back exercises - they will help a little. You can get them on the internet. Be gentle. Work just below the pain level. Be patient - they will help. Do as much as you can.

5. DO piraforma stretches - they will help a lot. DO them as often as you can. You can get them on the internet. They will target the butt and areas between the hip and knee.

6. Also do IT band stretches (IT stands for Iliotibial). DO them as often as you can. You can get them on the internet. They will target the areas between the hip and knee, and the hip and knee themselves.

7. AS YOU KNOW ICE 15 to 20 minutes on and 2 hours off. Ice the lower back area - not the leg. The pain is originating from the lower back/spine area.

more to follow

03/26/2010 11:37 AM

Hey Dave

Bits was right - a cane will be an immense help to you for now.

I have been using a cane now for the last 3 years.

But in your case you will probably only need it for a month or two.

The cane will be a big help to you in transferring from place to place . And most important - BIG TIME - it will protect you from a fall. A fall now could be a catastrophe - you could amke matters 100 times worse. You must not allow yourself to have a fall.

Contact your doctor and ask for a script for the cane - that will help a little.

COntact wal Mart for the foam ---or I use them most of the time.


04/04/2010 05:51 AM
dustmattPosts: 7
New Member

Hi, I am Dave's wife, Carol, and I can not thank you enough for your compassion and kind support. Finding this group has definitely improved Dave's outlook these last few days.

God Bless You!

04/04/2010 05:53 AM
dustmattPosts: 7
New Member

Hi, Ray,

I am Dave's wife, Carol, and I can not thank you enough for your immense help, kindness and compassion. It has truly helped his outlook in the last several days to have this support. Many blessings on you, Dear Friend!

God Bless You!!

04/04/2010 06:16 AM

Hi Dave and Carol

Happy holiday..

If you could describe for me the location and type of pain you have for each pain - I might be able to offer some additional suggestions. Remember from my earlier post I assumed you were injured in the L4-L5/S1. Types of pain = dull, sharp, and burning.

Just for interest sake - I also have pinched nerves at L4-L5/S1 and C6/C7. So I really do understand your problem and pain.

Try to make a list of where all of the pain is located - it will be a big help. It is actually possible to tell where the injury(s) are located by the location of the pain(s).

All my Love, Raoul

04/04/2010 06:25 AM


Oh I forgot - I also have a fractured something (disc of something else ) at T4. That was from when I was very young and teaching commando judo.


I have discovered and developed a new therapy for sciatica. It is very helpful for many types of injuries and problems. I have people who are working with me to put a book together - so that other people will be able to benefit from this new technique.

It is based on using a percussion vibrator. And many times and locations (of pain) the vibrator can be quite effective without even touching the spine. Certain forms of sciatica are caused from the nerve being irritated by the piraforma muscle/tendon after the nerve exits the spinal cavity. (That is actually in the butt.) For certain types of pain running down the back of the leg - this method can be used without even touching the spine.

If you want to see some more on the new method - look at the sciatica group > General forum (see top line menu) > title = "had a problem - found a solution". It is amazing.

Hugs, Raoul


CAUTION ADDED 4/6/2010 -

Never put a vibrator either directly on the spine or across the spine (prongs on both sides of the spine) unless you are sure that your spine does not have any fractures, and unless you have never had any sort of surgery to the spine.

In addition, your doctor should be consulted to make sure that using a vibrator could not cause any sort of injury to your spine

Post edited by: ray2135, at: 04/06/2010 04:23 AM

04/04/2010 06:28 AM
dustmattPosts: 7
New Member

Hi, Raoul,

Dave is sleeping right now, he doesn't get much sleep at nite. The pain is on the right side of his lower spine, his right hip and buttock and down the outer thigh to his knee. He says it's like someone is twisting a knife in his leg and using a blow torch. When it calms down it is in the center of his lower back between both hips. Yesteday both sides hurt - right AND left hip. He has always had a definite higher right hip since I have known him 25 years. I know he needs to do the exercises you told us about, but the pain prohibits him. He got a cane yesterday, which has helped, and we also purchased the memory foam from Wal-Mart and he will use that tonite. THANKS SO MUCH AGAIN FOR ALL YOU ARE DOING HERE!! AND Happy Holiday to you and yours too! Carol

04/04/2010 06:37 AM

Hi Carol

Okay - your description is definately the L4-L5/S1. The exercises can wait a while - til the pain drops some - but keep in mind - the exercises can stop the pain..

The cane will allow him to get up. A little walking (slightly more than 20 steps) if possible - will reduce the pain a lottttt. But if he is in too much pain - wait. Look over that post of mine - it has pictures of the vibrator and information on where they can be obtained. Using it has been a life saver for me. And I will help you to understand it and use it. (((There is no charge for anything .))) Except you have to pay the store for the vibrator. I could not go two days without it.

Hugs, Raoul

PS gotta go to a party now - everyone is screaming at me now.


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