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08/31/2008 07:16 AM



I am on cymbalta,prazosin,buspirone, and seroquel. Is it normal to treat schizophrenia with all of these meds. and if so will I have to take meds. in quantities all of my life? I feel stupid asking my doctor these questions I feel like I should already know the answers.

12/14/2008 05:09 AM
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I used to take Cymbalta, but it didn't work for me. I do take Seroquel and it works wonders for me, but the weight gain from taking it is terrible! I also take Abilify. I used to be on a lot of other meds, but these two seem to do the trick for me combined.

I know this didn't answer Outsider's question. I've heard of the other meds, may have even been on one or both at some point over the years, I just can't remember because there have been so many medications we have tried.

I do want to say that asking your doctor about the medication they put you on and exactly what it is supposed to do for you are excellent questions for them and you should never feel like your asking the wrong questions or imposing on their knowledge. That's what they are there for... to educate you! Because it's all about YOU! Smile

Hope this helps.

04/10/2010 05:04 PM

NEVER feel stupid asking about ANYTHING....if we have the answer we'll come up with it. I read your regimen of meds....and they are pretty common for a Pdoc to use to identify what works best to treat your issues..........don't feel like a black sheep....whn i first strted on meds i was on like 4 antipsychotics......eventually we fould what works....OR you may need ALL of them....Be sure to tell your doc your worries...your side effects....anything troubling you...and he will adjust the meds to accomidate the symptoms. If you want to talk in private...PM ME.

God Bless.....R


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