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12/16/2011 10:54 AM

Aspartame complaints

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According to the web site "How things work" there have been many complaints about aspartame the most common one is memory issues.

12/16/2011 11:53 AM

I'm not familiar with aspartame.....but i have just read a study done in 7 a book called "night falls fast"....the study proves that the most effective sri/ssri is LITHIUM.....according to the book and the studies, it is widely underprescribed because of pressure from the major drug companies to push their new generation ssri's....there was a particular study done in england, that had two groups of schizotypal/suicidal patients....the ones taking the modern ssri's had a 40 to 60 suicide/failure rate, compared to the LITHIUM patients, who had a nearly 100 pecent success rate of negative symptoms, suicide, and effects of schizotypal symptoms....i think it might be worth it to see if there are any more studies out there that deal with this subject...the point being alot of Pdocs are convinced lithium is old school, or hard to manage whan prescribed....which the study proed is not true..i will look into this more for you and get back to you all, hope to find more facts for you....always trying to find better treatments for my brothers and sisters with schizophrenia such as i wishes and hopes for you all...Smile

Blessed Be.........Robert


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