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03/03/2009 01:34 AM

Living with a Schizophrenia wife

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Hi All,

I have been married to a Schizophrenia wife for three years now. She has been suffering from this illness for 10 years and now she is 27. she had a relapse in early 2007. After hospitalization (for 1 week) and getting medication she got through that and from 2007 July - 2009 Feb she lead a normal family life. She was quite affectionate and lovely to the family at that time. She stop her medicine on Aug 2008 because she was pregnant and went to a relapse in Feb 2009. Now she has started her medicine again although she is pregnent.

I have few questions.

1. Can we prevent bipolar disorder if medicine is taking continiously for life time?

2. Is there any chance to go to a relapse while taking her medicine continiously?

3. Will medicine that she is taking affect the baby?

4. Is it possible for a bipolar women to have a normal family life if she is taking her medicine continiously.

Please be kind enough to share your thoughts.




04/01/2009 08:05 AM
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I know a girl who was initially diagnosed as schizophrenic (she says wrongly-?) but then (after many years, like a decade too) they said bipolar..

I think these diagnoses are not necessarily set in stone.. and people can be misdiagnosed also.. or have both/a mixture..

Do check out links between bipolar and nutrition (eg google 'bipolar nutrition') & even with schizophrenia, nutrition may have some effect..

This girl I know really does get worse with sweets etc, & eats too little protein, she said eating more protein may be helpful.. We are all individual so everyone must find own way of healing & eating..

I may have been a tiny bit bipolar & nutrition has quite a big effect on me..

Also consider things like household air quality & cleaners etc - if there are more toxics in environment, the organism will need more healthy micronutrients & eg more magnesium.. so nutrition will need more of those..

There are people online who claim curing bipolar with vitamins/minerals, not sure how true it is, you could research it though.. and not sure if shizophrenia could be helped in this way too.. worth a look though, defintely!!

And as always, consult doctors/experts, double-check things.. It's good to sometimes be a bit open to nutrition & such stuff that doctors won't always tell you.. & do your research..

Some medicines for schizophrenia can have severe side-effects like weight gain & diabetes (Zyprexa) - you can google them up too, so do fully research any she might take & make an informed choice..

medicine for schizophrenia and bipolar is different.. sometimes people need to try different things before finding what works for them (& to minimize side effects)..

also other treatment (talk therapy etc) can be different & differently effective..

even though doctors often just prescribe drugs, for depression or bipolar CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) can be equally or more effective.. or at least good as part of the treatment..

again, I don't know what it's like for schizophrenia.

I did read an anecdotal story in a book by Glasser where he helped a girl with schizophrenia with non-med talking therapy too!!

postnatal depression is common if the mom has too little magnesium & other micronutrients & then even those are drained from her via the baby.. so nutrition is even more important for pregnant moms.. (& their babies)

also, if she is a stay-at-home wife/mom, it can be an additional factor of stress.. maybe improving quality of life could do wonders too? (does she have any friends near, or other new moms to talk to?)

relaxation, good organization/time management & dealing with stress effectively and good communication can be important too.. (both from your & her side..)

maybe she also has some concerns she needs to air, with a professional or with trusted friends.. or you as husband..

(I know if I'd be preggers I'd be dead worried about the baby etc, especially as schizophrenia can be hereditary - isn't always though.. might be good to have contact to a family with healthy kids although the Mum had this disease etc?)

Wishing you good luck with this!!

04/01/2009 02:39 PM
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The only meds that are identical in the treatment of schizophrenia and bipolar are antipsychotics. There may be cases where people with schizophrenia are placed on mood stabilizers as well, but this is rare.

I don't take any stock in supplements/nutrients curing bipolar. Anyone who claims otherwise doesn't have bipolar in the first place or most likely has a very mild form of it called cyclothymia.

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04/01/2009 02:42 PM
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As far as diagnoses are concerned, it is possible for people to be misdiagnosed as schizophrenic and later diagnosed as having bipolar (schizoaffective disorder).

Conversely, someone with bipolar can be diagnosed at a later time as having schizophrenia.

It happens more often than you think.

In my case, I was originally diagnosed as having schizoaffective, but my diagnosis was changed 12 months later to rapid cycling BPI.

04/02/2009 05:37 AM
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Well, Neondreams, have you tried the nutrition thing yet, & in what way?

There's even a girl with schizophrenia on YouTube saying she cured it with just embracing & loving herself & meditation & such, I think - she said in a video nutrition had no effect on her & she 'even went vegan' - but going vegan can be a very bad thing for people with mental health if they have too litle B12 or too little zinc or magnesium..

These are in the mix that a father of a bipolar daughter introduced to his kids (his wife was bipolar too & committed suicide) after his friend who had pigs noticed a similar condition of his pigs was treated with mineral supplements..

It's on youtube or other places online, & is still in research/experimental stages..

If you google eg 'bipolar pig supplement' you may find more.. (not sure if we can post links here)

It may not be for everyone, depends if you were lacking the minerals in the first place.. (there can be various causes for mental illnesses)

You can track your (or OP for his wife) nutrition on eg Fitday or Cronometer (these are free to use, paid versions are Daily Plate etc) &/or you can have bloodwork done to see if you lack any of the vitamins/minerals that might have an effect.. (more about this on - also it's good to get results nto your hands so you can compare online/with books - there are various 'okay results' in different countries, & 'lower normal' can mean 'deficient')

There's lots of stuff on medline for magnesium being important in all sort of health & mental health disorders, you can look it up.

Even rats with PTSD from trauma cured sooner with magnesium supplements..

& for anyone who ever had dark chocolate cravings - you *might* be lacking magnesium!

I agree it may not be for everyone, you have to be committed to this too.. Getting the minerals with food is MUUCH better than from supplements (I think I upset my stomach with the magnesium/zinc/etc. supplements, but must say I was feeling MUCH better & more stable..)

And I did track my nutrition beforehand & saw I was lacking them..

now I try to get enough with pumpkinseeds or sunflower kernels or nuts or leafy green vegetables or such..

Yes, it's easier if you just have mild bipolar/dysthimia..

And definitely it's important to talk to your doctor.. this may not be for everyone.. If you have too much of certain minerals in your nutrition already, or some other health conditions, it can even be bad..

But even with 'heavier' cases, nutrition can have *some* effect..

I just did a quick Google search for 'schizophrenia nutrition' & advise everyone to do the same! (They say sugar & excess fat are big no-nos!)

04/02/2009 07:49 PM
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I'm sure that nutrition can play an important part in helping to relieve schizophrenia, but I don't know if it cures it entirely. I've been hearing voices since 1991 and have always eaten a healthy diet yet I still continue to have auditory hallucinations to this day. Medication seems to be the only thing that helps eliminate my symptoms unless I'm manic or depressed.


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