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07/13/2011 11:37 AM

Great Website for Mental Illness

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VIP Member is an organization started by Glenn Close (her sister and nephew are bipolar). It is geared towards educating people in order to remove the stigma attached to mental illness. You may have seen a PSA on TV about it. They have some great t-shirts to further this cause and all proceeds go to the organization. You can also contribute directly to the organization if you're so inclined. Just thought I would share this with everyone. We all need to do our best to educate others and try to put a stop to the ignorance, labeling, and prejudices we are constantly faced with.


07/17/2011 10:23 AM
ductydawnPosts: 1153
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Thank you so very much. WE need two more leaders sorry the replies are slow. I'm ill and Cat is doing running the show, I hope to get two more leaders, until I can be here on a more patterned basis.



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