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02/16/2011 09:42 PM

Do you turn to hear the voices in your head?

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I'm (sometimes) afraid to go into a public place because I sometimes have auditory hallucinations that come from multiple directions. I sometimes hear someone behind me, or I hear what seems like someone ten feet to my right side.

Can anyone else pinpoint the spot from where your imaginary voices emanate?


02/17/2011 02:53 AM
ductydawnPosts: 1153
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I cannot speak of that, but can you practice in front of a mirror, while not hearing these voices, and practice on how you want to respond, while listening to them, so that you can make your face not be fearful?

I am always turning around in public, when I even hear a leaf rustle. When I do turn to look, I have a difiant look on my face, to make others know, I am not to be bothered.

It helps me feel protected internally, that others know I am not afraid.

So where you have voices you turn to look at, I have flashbacks, that make me feel people are behind me. So if you can practice those responses on your face, when you do have to go out into public you will feel empowered.

There is nothing wrong with looking around your environment for what ever reasons, voices, images for me, or just looking behind you, no one else needs to know why you are turning around, but how we express our faces will tell anyone where we are in our mind, so either no expression, or slightly aggressive expressions will help.

I also live in a very safe area, so I do not look back aggressively here, I turn, and if someone is behind me, I smile, and they smile back.

I hope this helps you, and others will post with their responses, thanks for bringing this up it is a very good topic.



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