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03/12/2010 08:40 PM

my 11 year old hears voices

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is there anyone out there that has heard voices from very young age??????

my son starting haullicinating since about 18 months old no matter what meds we have tried the voices and visions haven't stayed away for more than 2 months at the most this summer he started puberity and it seems to have locked him in his imaginary world he doesn't want to be around any one not even me i'm homeschooling now because he couldn't function around any people or noises

i'm scared for him

am i going to lose him to his world??????

i adore my son and this is breaking my heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!


03/13/2010 05:06 AM
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You say, you recognized him hearing voices at an age of 18 month???? And your doctors gave him antipsychotics against this???? I don´t know whether this was a good decision!!!

I never heard of something like that even I read in net-fora and books about the disease for many years! Most of these cases start in puberty or later. Some in later childhood. My voices firstly seemed to have started after I have had given birth to my first child at an age of 30, but now I know it started much more earlier.

Is he aware that those voices are no real persons around him? He needs this to give a chance to split it off from people around him. Then there is no longer any need for him to seperate from people.

If he doesn´t like to have someone around him, perhaps you could try to give him a pet, if he likes animals. As I have learnt from my disease, most we need is love and understanding and animals give love without looking at our appearance. Also it doesn´t seem to be a good decision to give him homeschooling. He needs to learn to live together with others, although he has those perceptions. How should he learn tools for his later live otherwise??? You grow older and your son will need others, later on.

Being afraid of the voices is the same as beeing afraid of anything else - you have to be in the state of a special anxiety for longer periods of time to learn that nothing will happen to you and then anxiety will disappear! If you are no longer afraid of the voices, you have overcome biggest problem.




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