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12/30/2011 08:16 AM

Scheuermanns and pain relief

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My 11 year old daughter was recently diagnosed with Scheuermanns disease. She also has several smirks nodes and three discs without any fluid due to the pressure. Abused by the curve of her spine. She has been fitted with a plastic brace for 5 weeks now. It is only off when she's sleeping or

showering. She has been unable to attend school since October due to the pain. The pain has remained unchanged even with the brace. The drs will only prescribe physical therapy and naproxen which is an anti inflammatory. Does anyone else have any suggestions as to what I can do to help her?


01/03/2012 12:36 PM
liciaPosts: 292
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Getting a second opinion never hurts, another doctor might be more willing to help her out as far as pain relief. Have you mentioned to her doctor that she has missed so much school due to pain? If they don't want to prescribe more pain medication you could ask about getting her a tens unit. I've heard that swimming helps relieve pain as well, though it isn't really the right time of year for that unless you have access to an indoor pool. Heated massage pads/chairs help sometimes too. The thing about pain medication and SK is that most meds won't really help the pain unless they're very strong, and doctors are reluctant to prescribe those meds since they don't want patients getting addicted.

01/11/2012 09:08 AM
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I have gotten several opinions from St Louis Children's hospital. But I cant get pain medicines for her. We saw a pain dr yesterday and he admitted that he doesn't do pediatrics but did give us several things to try. one was a gel that she screamed when i applied it because her back is so sensitive. the second thing was a lidoderm patch that goes on like a band-aid and gets peeled off like one I did try that this morning so we will see how that works. The other was tramadol 100mg extended release gave that to her and shes VERY dizzy and sick to her stomach. called the dr back and they said theres nothing else they can do for her!!

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