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12/10/2011 06:09 AM

Need for surgery

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I have been diagnosed for morbus scheuermann when i was 15years old by xrays. Now in my twenties i went to a doctor about my backpains in throratic section (actually my whole back hurts) and he took new xrays. Doctor said my backs curvature havebeen increased and suggested me a brace and send me to the physiotherapy. Ive been doing those exercises already couple of years without any help. Now i went again to the doc and she send me to a specialist, but the queues here are pretty long (3-4months) so now im just waiting for the judge. My back hurts almost all the time, especially when im sitting, then the pain is almost unbearable. Standing "correctly" is really painfull, so correctly as i can. This sk really affects my whole life, especially social side. I would like to do normal stuff like going out on weekends etc but in my condition sk had affected my selfesteem so i dont really even have it.

My curvature is about 80degrees so with my pains i really hope doctor will suggest me surgery.


02/07/2012 02:54 PM
MemphisBlurPosts: 192

i understand your situation completely. SK does affect every area of your life. Health because you have a spinal deformity that comes with pain and the fact that your organs may be in jeopardy. Social because the fact the deformity is so obvious (atleast it was in my case). I also had emotional and social problems that stemmed from SK. It is a very difficult thing to deal with. I can't begin to tell you the embarassment and awkward situations having SK has put me in...

having said that I would suggest seeking the opinion of a spinal specialist...multiple spinal specialists. if you feel that surgery is the only way to improve your value of life don't stop until you find a doctor/surgeon who is willing to do the surgery. If you choose the surgery route i would recommend doing A LOT of research on it and find a doctor with a good track record. My doctor's name is Julius Fernandez and is based out of a group of surgeons here in Memphis. he is 2nd in his field and i have absolutely no complaints concerning my surgery. if you would like more info on him or info in general you can message me on here....but i hardly ever come to MDJunction anymore, which i should change. if you want some info quicker you can always message me on Facebook (Matthew Plass)

good luck and i hope everything works out for you!

02/08/2012 11:04 AM
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When my son Jacob was diagnosed the doctor told him that his spine was 90% mature and had just a little more developing to do. he was 16. They tried the brace as well as the PT. These things put him in constant excrustiating pain. He did see some improvement with was both encouraging and motivation. Unfortunately he went away for a week summer camp and when he returned his back was right back where he started. This frustrated him so much that he discontinued those forms of treatment and looked into the spianl fusion. He had surgery in November and is so glad he did. It has changed his life both physically and emotiinally. There is a video on this blug of his journey.

We couldn't be happier!


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