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03/25/2012 10:43 AM

I'm afraid to ask for stronger meds

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Hi, I just joined this site. I had surgery on both my feet for plantar faciitis in Nov. and in Dec. by Feb. I had all the symptoms of RSD in both feet. I still have to hold down a job to be able to afford all my meds. and Dr. visits. They just started doing the nerve blocks on me. I have had one for each foot within the last 2 weeks. I just started physical therapy for desintization, but my therapist wants me to do exercises that make the pain unbearable. I take 10mg of vicoden 3 times a day. I am on the fentanyl patch 12 mg. And I am also on a low dose of Gabapintin (nerve/seizure)medicine...I am still in so much pain that I'm out of mind. I am afraid to ask for stronger medicine because of all the horror stories I have read and I also don't want my doctor to think I am becoming addicted. I can barely walk yet alone stand for more than a few minutes. Does anyone know if I can qualify for disability for RSD? And to you think It's okay to beg for stronger medicine? It's is so great to find this support group. Everyone I know is trying to to understand what I am going through but they just will never really get the amount of pain I am in. My Doctor would not tell me what stage of RSD I am in. She said they all blend together. Could use really use some advice. Thanks

03/25/2012 04:22 PM
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Well first it is really hard for people to understand the amt of pain we endure every day of our lives.

I too am still trying to work and I understand when you say that you have to work to be able to afford you meds and doctors appts.

i would suggest keep a (daily) log of the pain you have. and if you have physical signs: swelling, mottled hands or feet, anything you can take a picture of and take it and show the doctor the log and the pictures.

then tell him the amt of pain you and are in (and I am saying from what I have said and is the truth)worry that if you can not work you can not go to see the doctor.

tell him difficult it is for you just walk, what others take for granted. I am sure there are other things other people could suggest to you but what I suggested would be a good start.

good luck and what ever you do - do not give up. you can do this it can be real diffcult and will take strength but you can do it.

05/15/2012 09:47 AM
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The longer you are in pain, the more your body learns that pain is normal and expected. The sooner you get out of pain, the better your chances are of some kind of recovery. I too was reluctant to take too many pain killers. but it is important to do.

My turning point was when I received a nerve block that totally blocked all feeling in my arm for about 4 hours. It took 2 shots about 3 weeks apart to get rid of the pain. Now I am fighting to regain use and flexibility in my arm and hand. I am not pain free, but the crazy nerve pain is gone. I get prickling in my palm when I am upset or tired but that is nothing compared with the pain I was in.

Good luck!

05/15/2012 09:52 AM
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HI...OliveOil... I had a question... getting the flexibility in you arm and hand... Was that due to the nerve blocks..or just the RSD itself???? I know that RSD messes with all that but just wanted to clarify.....



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