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08/20/2011 09:03 PM

Financial Support and RSD

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Can anyone tell me if you know of any financial support offered for people with RSD? My copayments are $60 a visit for physical therapy and I'm going at least 2 times a week right now, and need to go more. I've got a stack of medical bills and am slowly sinking in the pit of poverty...any suggestions?

09/01/2011 09:00 PM
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I wish there were. Unfortunately you are right, RSD.CRPS is a very expensive disease. Between teh meds, doctor visits, mri, bone scans and many more that I may not be thinking of right now.

At one 1 point I actually went broke, filed bandruptcy. I was/am a single mom of 2 boys, putting my self through school. It is very devasting.

I have even tried talking to my doctor at one point aobut it but I do not think she truly understood.

I am sorry you are experiencing this but unless you go into remission this is a problem. Sorry I do not mean to sound so cold but I do think there is any relief for patients. If you ever hear of anything please please let me know.

hugs to you and I do understand..


10/31/2011 09:12 PM
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I haven't found any either. I'm fighting to get disability now. They keep denying me. My husband has been our only source of income and its at the point we're having to choose treatment or food and gas. It's not fair and the doctors and government just don't care.

11/01/2011 07:06 AM
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HI.... YOU might want to check on the HEALTHWELL FOUNDATION, they helped me with meds a while back.......

Google them, and see..


11/10/2011 05:47 PM
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HI..I thought I would let you know that Pfizer (LYRICA) helps with this med...Some drs. have the brochure and card in their office and will give it to you and you just have to call the number on it to activate it and it is good for a year. The most you will pay for a month is $25. Hope this helps.

12/02/2011 07:04 PM
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Cheerful Wow Cheerful

Cheerful That is great news to me.

I spend 125.00 each month on Lyrica alone. My RX insurance co. does not cover any of its cost at all.

I have looked into 5 other insurance co. and not one covered it!

$25.00 is much better than $00000



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