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05/13/2012 07:54 AM

Stinging Joints

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So I have just recently been diagnoised with RA and been on sulfasalzine for a month now, havent been able to see any signs of improvement. Some days I wake up actually feeling worse. My latest development is a constant stinging pain in my right hand little finger. I have had swelling and stiffness before (almost always) but this stinging pain is new. Anyone have any suggestions as to how to deal with it?? Has anyone found something that helps ease the pain??

How long does it take to stop being angry at your body for attacking itself?? It just came on so suddenly...its not fair!! I desperatly want to feel normal again!!!! Ermm


05/13/2012 08:15 AM
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I have Psuedogout as well as RAD. The difference in pain from PG than RAD is added stinging or feeling like daggers are stabbing the affected joint. Actually, the PG pain is more severe.

Many people are dxed with RAD when in fact they have PG. The symptoms are that close.

And many, like me, have both.

Also, stinging pain can represent nerve problems.

The only thing that eases the PG attacks are ice and pain meds. With RAD pain I must use heat. The PG attacks are random whereas RAD pains stay with me daily.

PG is not an AI disease but will damage the joints same as RAD, make you feel sick, etc. It mimics RAD to the point it is nearly impossible to tell which is which until a specific test is done. As mentioned, for me, the pain is almost unbearable.

I would call my rheumy if a new pain has appeared. There are so many different reasons that could cause it.

My RAD came on suddenly. Fast and hard. It took me several months before truly accepting the dx.For a long, long time I used to use the expression "normal". Then one day I stopped. I realized what my life had became was "normal" for me.

I, too, went throgh the grieving process. That is quite normal for all of us. It is hard to lose a way of life and have to change everything.

But, we are RAD Warriors and we do come through all the hardships given to us.

Life with RAD can still be a joyous fufilling life. It is not the end of life just the beginning of a new way.

We are here for you dear. We understand the frustrations, fears, lost feelings.


05/13/2012 12:16 PM
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Hi Dixie... Sometimes the meds take some time to start working... not sure on the one that you are on, but mine does, mtx, so I am not expecting miricles just yet. Just took my second dose, and will not be on full dose for another month or so.

That stinging pain doesn't sound good! Maybe you have both like bits said... I second call your doctor, maybe there is something he can give you to help that pain while he is looking into it's cause.

Take care


05/13/2012 12:52 PM
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I found a book that helped me understand and start to forgive: "The First Year: Rheumatoid Arthritis. an Essential Guide" by M.E.A. McNeil. She helped me see that the "body attacking itself" metaphor is dangerous to my health and really would only lead me to more stress. She says:

"Cells in the immune system, some of which live less than a day, perform simple functions in response to chemical signals. These cells have no brains, no emotions; they are not pathologically bent on destruction...

"Our "cleaning" cells keep working after the task is finished, like the gardener I hired who weeded so well that he took out the flowers. It was an error of communication rather than any malicious intent on his part toward dahlias. With RA, we have too many improperly signaled immune cells doing what they have been programmed to do for our health. We have too much of a good thing...

"If we are looking for a metaphor, perhaps dance will serveā€”our bodies are our partners, and we need to learn to take the lead. It is a lot easier to tango than to quell an insurrection."

You can read this and more from Chapter 1 for free on Amazon at ref=oh_details_o00_s01_i00 throughout the "look inside" feature. Or borrow it from your library. I'm not here to sell books, only tell what's helping me!

It's good to know my body is not "attacking" itself. I don't have to fight it as an invader. I can drop that stress. And tango! (No, not literally...)

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05/13/2012 01:01 PM
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Thank you for your post. That book sounds like something I might benefit from reading. I will have to check into it.

05/13/2012 08:04 PM
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You are welcome.

You can see I'm a fairly new member. I've already gotten so much from these forums, it's good to give a little back.

05/14/2012 06:51 AM
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Hi, I also have stinging pain,but it's not constant.Sometimes I jump like a bee has stung me and the hubby looks at me like Whatthe................Can't help it .Painful .Sometimes it will sting for a few hours and then it stops for a while.Hope you feel better soon,Susan

05/27/2012 10:00 AM
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I had a stinging pain in my foot, especially first thing right out of bed.

Then an amazing thing happened yesterday! I went to my neuromuscular therapist for work on my knees. I experience most of my RA pain in my muscles and those sessions help ease it. She found the foot pain, worked it for a bit, and this morning it was gone! First time this year! I'm hopeful, although it usually takes more sessions before the muscle pain clears for more than a temporary relief.

I've been to massage therapists. Their sessions feel much better than neuromuscular therapy, but don't really do much more than relax me. Mine uses the St. John's method. If you decide to try one, it's like any other health care provider--find one who listens to you. I'm also not in a flare right now and really think I would not go if I was.


05/27/2012 12:23 PM
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Hi Dixie, welcome to the group.

Over the past several weeks the pain in my right index finger joint, at the base of the finger, has become constantly red and painful. The pain is a stinging pain when I've used it too much. there is also numbness all the way up the outside of the finger, and new pain starting in the inside of the finger.

When my wrist is inflamed, I get a carpal tunnel reaction, where there is pressure on the nerves. I assume this is what's happening in my finger, as well. Ice helps to shrink the inflammation and ease the pressure on the nerves. This is caused by RA inflammation as far as I know.

And hmm... massage! Yes, yes yes! Even if it doesn't help the pain/stiffness, it just feels so good!


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