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12/01/2012 07:53 AM

Plaquenil and sinus infection?

NymphPosts: 231

Hi all!

I am on Plaquenil 400 mg. It is my understanding that Plaquenil is not an immuno-suppresant but an immuno-modulator, whatever that means. Well, I have always been prone to sinusitis and have it now. At first, though, I thought it was viral, not bacterial because the symptoms seemed milder than usual. It did come on quickly, but my fever was not high, the headache not that bad, and I've managed to function, more or less, throughout the week.

Only now that the... umm... you know, is coming out, it definitely looks like bacterial. So, it's the immune response and not the virus or bacteria itself that makes one feel sick, as all of us know very well. My question is: Is the Plaquenil making me feel better than I would have otherwise with a sinus infection? And if so, does that mean that my immune system is not working as well to get rid of it?

(If this lasts a few more days I'll head to the doctor for antibiotics. Just curious as to your experience and/or knowledge.)


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