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09/24/2010 06:56 PM

the meds

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I found out I have Ra 2 months ago. I've been on prednisone since. I'm so afraid of the meds that the my doctor wants me to take.



09/24/2010 07:56 PM
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Hi Trix, Welcome to the group. The meds are scary but it is important to stop the progression of this disease. If you tell us what meds your doctor is thinking about, i'm sure somebody on here will be able to tell you their experience with the meds. That way, you'll be better able to compare what you might deal with from side affects and what you might deal with symptoms from unrestrained RA.

It is a big deal to try and get used to the idea of having RA. Please feel free to ask whatever you like. We do cover a lot of topics. We all share our experiences and joys and frustrations and it really does help.

Again... welcome to the group. Smile

09/25/2010 09:42 AM
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Hi Trix : Welcome to the junction, I've been in remission" RA free" for a long time thanks to going one hundred per cent holistic, there are many websites and blogs devoted to dealing with RA using holistic methods rather than playing russian roulette by taking immune system altering drugs.

Many people are forced to use Ra drugs because of other medical problems, RA is way to advanced or that Holistic methods don't work for them but if I were You i would give Mother Nature methods a good year before choosing to alter Your immune system.. do Your homework.. need help.. just ask, Shep

09/25/2010 10:42 AM
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Hi Trix and welcome to the family Smile

It's completely normal to be afraid, espcially of the unknown, I think we've all been there. Having the disease is bad enough and then to have to chose between the meds that sound so scary. We all have to do what we feel is best for us. If I were you, I would do as much research as your own advocate. You can find lots of information here reading through the old threads and of course you will find tons of information on the internet.

We are more than happy to help answer any questions you might have from our own personal experiences and also, just know, you are not alone!!! Anytime you need to vent, feel free cause we all do it!!

09/26/2010 04:06 PM
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I'm on a lot of meds, and for me prednisone has the worst side effects of all my meds. I take prednisone, plaquenil,arava,rituxan. I have very severe RA. I was scared to take all of those meds but they have improved my quality of life tremendously. I have two children, and I was having trouble taking care of them.

Do not discount holistic methods. Even if they don't completely eliminate the disease they certainly help. Sugar and trans fat are a flare in a food. Veggies and fruit are anti-flare food. Water aerobics help me tremendously. These things can decrease the meds you need, hopefully eliminate the need altogether!

Everybody has to do what they think is best for them. As a patient you have the right and responsibilty to do the homework and participate in the decision making. I make the final call on meds for myself, I just highly value my DR.s opinion because I trust him.

My Rheumatologist was very aggressive in the beginning because some studies have shown you have a better chance of going into remission if you treat it aggressive and early within a year. Also, I am young, 39 and preventing joint damage is important to me. So I accepted the risks. That is a highly personal decision, the risks are a there for sure.

People on this site have different approaches, but all of their advice is good. Everybody is different, and I have learned a lot on this site.

You have already shown you are a resourceful person by finding this site, you are going to be ok:> Andrea

09/27/2010 04:57 AM
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I've been on 10mg Pred for awhile now and it never bothered me. The last month I was on 40mg and tapering down and I hated it. I understood what alot of you have meant by side effects. The worst was the rage. Angry all the time for no reason. Choosing your meds is a very personal choice and I now choose never to use higher doses of Pred again....ewwwwww!

I also agree with above posts that diet can and will make a big difference. I feel worse immediately if I eat junk food even once in awhile.

09/27/2010 08:38 AM
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VIP Member med. I will be finished with my burst dose Tues. Usually, side effects are yucky but this time not bad. Maybe because we decreased days. Whatever the reason it did not work as well as before.

It does help the inflammation, probably, better than the other meds. However, it is not targeting the disease and what I really need is something to take down the disease more than the symptoms.

You are not alone in being afraid. It is a major decision to make. In time, your fears will lessen. I don't think the fear ever, totally, goes way but it becomes much easier to try new things.

I was terrified in the beginning, for months. Now, I pray for the day to start Orencia. My RA meds have been on hold several months and I can feel the progression.

Good luck dear

09/30/2010 09:16 PM
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Hi Trix

Welcome to the forum...

I do understand your concern about the meds...

As you go through your journey with RA, you may want to ask for a copy of your bloodwork, and then go over it with the doctor. I would be interested in knowing what readings are out of the normal range?....CRP and ESR...are both inflammation factors...but there could be more that is not in the normal range....

If you are on prednisone, is that the only med, or are there more?...Sometimes doctors put the patient on 5 to 10 mg of prednisone daily. Is the dose of prednisone controlling the RA?...

Your doctor should be able to tell you the side effects of the prednisone when used over a period of time.

Many that are diagnosed with RA, are on multiple meds...I have been on predisone, and have had cortizone shots to the joints....I had to wean myself off of the prednisone...I will only use it in burst paks, when I am very of lately I am enduring the pain and swelling.....

I, too was very afraid to take meds when I was diagnosed with RA...because before that , I only took aspirin every once in a while for minor ailments. Nothing more...

I have gone up the med ladder, and am now on infusion therapy, most recently, Orencia, along with the methotrexate, that I have been taking almost from the beginning of diagnosis. Prescription Vitamin D, and prescription vitamins with extra minerals and folic acid. Hydrocodone, when I can't take the pain anymore...

You will find on the forum that we all deal with RA in different ways, meds, holistic, diet, exercise...

I found what works for me is reading, and asking questions...especially to the rheumy doc....

Good luck in your journey...


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