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07/09/2009 05:15 PM

How do you get thru pain and swelling and fatigue:

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I am sitting here typing in constant pain...another day home from workSad I tried to drive and had to turn around and come pain level is off the charts...and seems everything hurts..fatigue...yikes! can this RA still not be under control ...with all the meds...and increase of meds? top it blood work has come back ...and its all too confusing...vonwillebrand factor is abnormal..and the protein is not right....the best my doc could say is that I may have a clotting regard to blood what am I to think?....I get bleeds under my skin on my hand.....

but, the test results said I am prone to blood clots?..

The Hematologist is being, its wait and Doc will call me...

Okay, getting back to the RA...ever, just get tired of all this?....the meds that can sometimes work and other times do nothing....the peculiar medical problems that occur because of the RA....the throbbing pain that just comes out of no where and then you look at your joints that are distended from swelling and the pain and fatigue...Today, I am at my wits end, because I must go to work tomorrow and just typing this is causing immense pain....

Also, the worry of weighing the side effects of all the drugs.....Well, my methotrexate has been increased to 25 mg., my next infusion of Remicade is at the end of July, and the hydrocodone does nothing(only take one when I cant take anymore pain) I have refused the prednisone this time.....also, my bleeding in my hand was a factor in that decision....

I am back to limping and need to wrap my hands, wrists, ankles, feet, and knees, but don't have enough splints for everything....This sucks....sorry, I am not feeling sorry for myself, I am just mad, and can't get past this new cycle of hurting....again...

If anyone has a special technique or magical drug...please do tell...Sad


07/10/2009 02:47 AM
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Cella, you sound more frustrated from the pain and the unknowing then anything else. Don't worry about it. You sound miserable and that's okay, too. Hard to act like a spring chicken we we feel like a cooked goose. Sorry you are hurting so much and really sorry you have to go to work thru it...shudder.....

When my neuro was running beauco tests he found a bloodclot disorder of the brain and spinal cord that i am now on a lifetime med for. Am also a carrier for 2 more. Was shocked at first but now it's like, oh well, just another pill to swallow and you adjust to it just like everything else.

Hope your pain lessens today

Hugs, Donna

07/10/2009 04:37 AM
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Cella: If it is possible, if you have a working spouse with

insurance, please begin applying for social security disability. Trying to WORK was killing me. Everyday I wake up, sit on the commode, with my head in my hands.....wondering "what in the hell

is going on here?"

I was given SSD within 4 months.....still have to work out the don't get it unless you fight for it.

Please forgive me for being a bossy kids resent it,

and it is just a part of me....#3 of 8 kids will teach you to be have no business on the job honey.



always wondered how to spell beauco....

Cella....not DRIVING to work, NOT working...will

lessen your stress level....I had to LEARN that it

was OK to be a slob and lay on the couch, and not

feel guilty about it....type A superwoman, you know.

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07/10/2009 06:59 AM
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Cella, I'm so sorry you are feeling so bad. It's okay to be mad, why wouldn't you be feeling this awful? I agree that you should try to apply for disability. My case took a year but I got my retro pay right away and the judge even went all the way back to when I was actually still working because I shouldn't have been.

You are in my thoughts and prayers and really hope you find some relief from the pain soon.


07/10/2009 10:02 AM
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Marcella I am so sorry that you're feeling so lousy. Its so depressing and demoralizing when the thought crosses your mind that EVERY day seems to be that way.

I am at work typing in pain right now.. but I have my Isotoner arthritis gloves on ( many companies make them) and they seem to help a little. They keep the hands warm, offer some compression to keep swelling down, and have the fingers cut off so you can still feel and touch things. They look kind of goofy but ask me if I care! lol I understand the taking days off work too. I think I have one sick day left for the year, and my husband has been laid off ( actually his company is trying to pull a fast one and then tells dept of labor that they "fired" everyone, so they dont have to pay benefits to them..grrrr) so I am the only paycheck and it isnt enough. So if I take more days off, they're without pay and things get even worse. So Im trying to drag myself , literally, in here every day no matter how much I hurt or how utterly exhausted I am. Its an awful situation, and I certainly feel for you.

I wish that your doctor would find something that works for you so you dont have to suffer so badly.

Know that you're in my thoughts and prayers. Kissing


07/10/2009 12:30 PM
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You are both in my thoughts and prayers! Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend Smile


07/10/2009 04:19 PM
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Cella and Karen, you are heroes!!!

07/10/2009 08:01 PM
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HI All!

I really want to thank you all for your support and kind words...I made it to work was difficult but, I thought, I must do this....I don't want to let my office down on such a busy day...and boy, it was mobbed and very busy...I didn't care who looked at me funny with all my wraps and splints....I didn't care if I walked slower then everyone, I just let them pass and got out of the way....As the day went on, the work piled on...and more clients came in and were very demanding....all I could feel was throbbing...and more felt like I had been beat up...I could not wait until the day was over...finally that moment came..then I shuffled to my car and sat down in the drivers seat and just took a deep breath....laid my head back and just sat for a few minutes before I started my route home...As I drove home, I thought, I don't feel any better...I had my hands free head set on for the phone and saw I had a voicemail message...which I listened was a harassing call from a distant family member...I thought..geez..after a full day of just trying to keep up, now I have to listen to a nasty voicemail message from a person that is so evil....

I made it home and just tried to rest....but, that did not last long, I had multiple calls from my siblngs about my mom who has alzhemiers...Too many people think I have all the answers...and I don't, I

only know that I usually do the right thing without any strings attached...

I think for most of us wtih RA, it becomes a juggling act...and the stress of outside problems just make the RA, I have been closing my eyes and taking deep breaths and thinking of pleasant things....I think my next effort will be to schedule a massage....I think it will get rid of some of the stress..

In regard to applying for Disability, I am sure you are all right about that...I did read up on it, and I actually had an appt. with my disability coordinator, which I cancelled because I didnt have the time....just as I was in denial about my RA in the beginning...I think working was my last sign of independence, and its so very hard to give it up, but its not the logical thing to, I am trying to plan cutting back my days after my daughter gets married in September...and I am sure I will feel better with less stress and working...

Karen, if you are are truly a person to be admired because of the way you seem to always be able to endure and rise above hardships....

Cata, thanks for the compliment, but I must say,

We are all heroes on here. especially you...finding different ways to deal with RA..and passing on the info. to others...

Thanks again all...Smile

07/10/2009 08:18 PM
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Hi Kat

Just read your post, and I know you are right..I know eventually(probably sooner then later) I will have to accept the fact that I would be better off not working.

I know my stress level would go down...and I would probably be a much happier person...I think I have the "Last one standing" if, I cannot give in to this horrible disease...but, I know in my heart that although I think I am not giving in , I am only hurting my self in the long run by persisting...its just so hard for me to accept the fact that I am not the same person I used to be.....I sort of feel like I am losing myself because RA consumes me....and somehow I try to shake it off....but, its not, I continue to take one day at a time...and keep reading about RA and the different treatments....try to make intelligent decisions about the meds offered for RA...That is all any of us can do....

Thanks for listening and for your thoughts...Smile

07/10/2009 08:55 PM
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I am sitting here at present and have been in unmanaged pain for the last few hours. I have taken my night meds ( an hour ago), 750mg Reflan, 600mg Neurptin, 10mg hydro, and all the rest for other conditions. I am hanging on by a thread

I want to scream, curse, beat something!

I want to beat this disease with a fury not seen this side of Heven or Hell.

I want to destroy it before it destroys me.

It appears the disease is close to killing me. My poor body has been through so much it seems one more thing will be the undoing of me.

But looks can be decieving.

Then I a lucid moment...I remember..


Step by step, painful inch by inch I have moved.

Although it has taken two years, I am at least 3 feet from the beginning.

Although, there have been setbacks, meds faiures, pain, frustration, anger, sadness, mind numbing fatigue, and moments of utter despair..


God is never far from me. In fact, I believe He is closer during my struggles.

No matter what comes along, no matter how devastating it appears...




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