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05/19/2012 08:03 PM

Extreme pain, sending me to the ER :(

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Has anyone else had an ER dr. Look at you like you were cazy??? My last flare and the swelling and pain it brought with it were literally Intollerable! I have never experienced so much pain... The oxycodone and morphine sulfate used to control my outta control pain were useless this time. I swear the dr thought I was a drug seeker! All I wanted was relief from the symptoms. Has anyone else felt pain this bad with a flare??? Still have comPlete numbness in all digits on both hands. Can anyOne relate?? Please share your story so I can learn!

Thx so much in advance


05/19/2012 09:20 PM
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what do they give you at ER when yo are in that much pain and morphine plus oxycodone is not lowering it enough to be tolerable?

That is scary.

How long have you had RA? How long have you been taking these pain meds?

Could it be your body has grown tolerate to the meds?

I am very sorry your pain is so severe.


05/19/2012 09:32 PM
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Hi Spiceyone61

Sorry to hear that your in so much pain. I'm lucky to have only one night like what you describe. I did go to the ER and felt put down that no one was going to do anything to help with the pain. I asked for a bed because I couldn't sit upright in a wheel chair. I almost fell out of the chair.

If I would have been pregnant I would have atleast have a baby to show for the pain.

I was thankful that most, if not all my tests are taken at the hospital So how could they deny me. It sounds like they tried to do something for you and I really know the pain your in. I bet most on the RA group do

05/20/2012 03:23 PM
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I feel so very fortunate to have found this group of fine folks. Thank you so much for your responses. It helps me feel like Im not alone in this new journey that Im on. I shud probably give a bit of my history so that everyone here can know me better. Forgive any mis spelled words my fingertips are all numb.

My husband and I moved my mom back to Oregon from TN last year in April 2011. The week before the cross country move I was working in my garden and working at the job that I loved. I have been a Deputy Sheriff in the Patrol Division of the Washington county Sheriffs office for almost 12 years. I woke up the following morning and my hands were frozen in claw shapes and the pain was unbearable. I had to call in sick to work and my hubby drove me to the ER, not knowing what the heck was wrong. The ER doc said I had severe tendinitis, gave me steroids and a wrist guard to wear. I was not able to return to work for the rest of that week. The swelling subsided and I chalked the incident up to over work in the yard. Looking back now, the same thing had happened to me but it presented itself differently years prior. I had started having issues with my hands and wrists three years prior during any training days at work.

We were to leave on an early morning flight to TN and were in bed early. I awoke at about two am with the worst shoulder pain id ever experienced.... I had no idea what was wrong and stayed up through the night rocking back and forth in agonizing pain. The pain is often so bad that it makes me throw up, I have no idea why.

When we arrived in TN my shoulder pain had subsided to a tolerable level and we began cleaning and packing the truck for the cross country trip. I had very little trouble the packing days but on day two it was time to take off and start the drive. I became very sick that first night and started having serious problems with my hands again. they swelled to an enormous size, began tingling and all my digits went numb. I tried to ignore the pain but soon my fingers were literally ON FIRE!!! It felt like fireworks were exploding inside each finger constantly. I alternated ice and heat and tried to drive on. By the time we hit Nebraska I was in so much pain I could no longer continue. I knew I had to get to a hospital quick. My throat felt like it was closing and It was no longer relegated to my hands. My husband drove me to the nearest Nebraska ER.

The staff at the ER were just outstanding to me. The dr did every blood test kown to mankind for every disease my symptoms may be exhibiting. Negative for Lupis and Lime disease. I was given massive amounts of steroids, antibiotics and pain meds for the trip home. I was to see my PCP as soon as I arrived home for follow up.

Once home I did see my PCP and he immediately looked me square in the eye and said..."Rheumatoid arthritis." He sent me to an RA specialist that confirmed his diagnosis thru several blood tests and symptom description. I saw him for approx. 7 months and several medications. Methaltrexate, lots of steroid cycles, dyclofenac, and a couple other meds that resulted in a bleeding ulcer. I went to another Rheummy for a second opinion and she up'ed my methaltrexate dosages, took me off of the diclofenac ande promised to try bio meds in 5 months if i had not seen improvement. After several more months of steroids and methaltrexate the new the new rheummy started me on weekly self administered shots of Enbrel. I have been Enbrel for 8 weeks and had three flares during that time.

I feel sad that the Enbrel has not delivered the results I had hoped for. In fact Ive gotten worse over the last 4 weeks. My next rheummy appt is tuesday the 22nd. Ive made an appt with a Neurologist for the 29th because I dont know what else to do. I feel like something else must be at work here.

Im sure many of you have felt this way??

Sorry for the loooong disertation, I just felt like I needed to lay a little backround. My new Rheummy also told me that I have fibromyalgia, which I know very little about at this point.

All I know is I hurt everywhere, all the time, I have not been able to work since June 2011 and I have been fighting for my SS dissability benefits for months. Ive gone from being a totally self sufficient woman to a fatigue ridden, RA sufferrer ever since...

Thank you for taking the time to post your experiences and your hope for a brighter future... I am so thankful to have found this group...

05/20/2012 04:07 PM
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My friend, you are not alone. We are here for you as we have been for each other.

Though we have loved ones that try very hard to understand it is something special about another RAD sufferer that truly understands completely.

From them we know we do not have to make this journey alone. From them our tears can turn to laughter. Our defeats to victories. Our hopelesness to hope.

We can pour our entire hearts out. We can become infuriated. We can simply cry and someone will understand...completely.

We can share funny moments, belly busting laughter, intense joy and all will know just how much it means to us.

We encourage one another, share everything, hold each other's hand, and become a family before we know it. I dare say we come to love each other.

Please, come back often. Share anything. Ask anything. We will be here.

Many Gentle Hugs dear

05/20/2012 07:31 PM
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Welcome Spicyone61,

Boy can I identify with the hand and shoulder pain. Prior to RA meds I would wake up no less than 5 times with my hands hurting so bad I had to fight being sick. Now with meds I wake up at least once or twice. My hip joints are worse. I am still working with probation and find every day a challenge. Dealing with this is the most confusing and demanding disease I have ever delt with. After three months still don't understand the flare and all it incompases. As Bits says we are all here as a family. I really would be lost without each person here. Like you I seem to have more questions than answers but all of us are willing to share what we have learned works or does not work for each of us. So glad you joined the family and shared with us. Join the discussions and get to know everyone. Look forward to chatting with you.



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