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05/17/2012 06:22 AM


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Anyone heard from Cata lately? Haven't seen her post in a while.Is she ok? Concerned.Such a sweet person.

05/17/2012 06:28 AM
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Cata is an angel.

I know her grandmother passed recently and she is in grief.

Hope to see her back soon.

Cata, we all miss you and praying for you.

Love and hugs from all

05/17/2012 08:36 AM
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You are so sweet! Truth is, only last night i logged in again for the first time in a while, and was trying to catch up with posts and PMs (i think i will miss some posts though, so if someone asked me something or the like, would you post it again? Thanks!)

As Bits says my grandma passed away on April 23. She was ill (Alzheimer's) and had had some health crisis the weeks before, but was more stable, so it came as a bit of a shock. Thankfully though, her death was very peaceful, she was drifting in her sleep when she went, no pain or suffering. I have been grieving, but i too understand the circumstances were, all in all, good for her. I believe she is now in a good place, free of limitations, and it is up to those of us who remain here to learn to live with the hole she left in the family. Isn't it a shame how, when the motherly figure parts, families seem to separate?

I have been ok, considering. God is good, because i coincidentally started a new anti-depressant the day before grandma's death, and i think it has been helping me. And the RAD is doing better with the Enbrel.

Thank you very much for your worry and sweet words!!!


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