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05/12/2012 05:59 PM

Weird thing, this RA

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Don't you just love it when suddenly your body has a major uprising against you?!

Good grief, tonight ~ for apparently no reason~ my left wrist, hand, and fingers are killing me!! The inside just under the palm is quite swollen , when compared side by side with my other wrist. It's also hot. Can barely move my fingers which are hot and swollen, and I certainly can't straighten them out.

Absolutely cannot figure out what I did to it, if anything.

Well that's it for my typing tonight. Need to rest this thing. <sigh>

Hope you all are well, and have had a relatively pain free, enjoyable day. Wink


05/12/2012 06:05 PM
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Hate when that happens!!! It is one thing to wake up in the morning with the pains etc.... but to go from fine to bad pain in the middle of the day/evening for no reason is just nuts... then you think "what did I do to deserve this" answer "not a thing!!"

feel better


05/12/2012 06:29 PM
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take care! I know how you feel. recently, my toes began swelling on bottom side and it's hard to walk at night. I'm used to my hands swelling every night, but not my feet. you get some rest and I hope your pain's all better in the morning. God Bless!

05/13/2012 12:34 AM
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Karen I hope you start to feel better and the pain goes away. Trixie I also hope your pain goes away.

I wish we could all experience many pain free days where we could all get together and get to know one another. To actually know those that have helped us with our frustrations and celebrated our victories.

05/13/2012 06:42 AM
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I can hear your frustration and wish I could stop the pain for you.

What most people "from the outside" don't realize are times like you just described, not only do we have pain that can be constant, we also deal with the swelling that just appears with intense pain where ever RA decides to travel to and casts it wicked spell on us.

It literally wears you down and this is what I wish the "outsiders" or people that minimize RA could see.

Yes, RA or RAD is really weird, wicked and unrelenting....

I am sitting here typing, with finger joints burning with pain, my pinky feels dislocated, but its not, its swollen and the RA is just producing more pain in that finger then in the other fingers...

Karen, I will pray that your pain lessens .......

05/13/2012 07:02 AM
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Feel better, Karen, and the rest of you. I hate when I'm having a not so bad day, and then pain starts mid day and just ruins it. Atleast when we wake with it we sorta know what to expect.

I woke yesterday with bad feet and it stayed with me all day just making walking miserable. Shoes that haven't bothered me to much lately hurt like hell yesterday. I hate this damn RA.

Hugs, Donna

05/14/2012 10:36 AM
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Sometimes, when the pain comes on hard and fast like that, I actually cry. Not so much because of the pain itself, but because it *feels* as though I've been physically assaulted in a cruel or even sadistic way. I'm not sure if it's from emotional and physical abuse I experienced in childhood, in which my mother's moods could turn on a dime, or if it's something any of us could feel; even those of us with loving, consistent, non-abusive parents. The disease is cruel and seems to attack at whim.

Perhaps it's just our relative powerless against the disease process -- something we become acutely aware of when it hits. We have our dmards and pain meds, but it seems to be such a paltry arsenal when those flares rage.

Perhaps the helplessness is the worst part. Not having control over our bodies. Being assaulted by pain from within ourselves. A sneak attack brings all our fears about the disease and it's potential effect on our lives out from just under the surface and lays them bare.

I'm glad you managed to write a message for support. I know it's hard and it takes forever with a flare like that. I hope your flare resolves soon.


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