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05/01/2012 04:06 AM

Hey Smokers

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You may have heard this before but I hadn't and think I'll give it a try to stop smoking.

My ENT doc suggested this.

When you smoke a cig alot of the nicotine gets trapped in the 2nd half of cig so as you smoke the whole thing you are getting more nicotine in the 2nd half of the cig.

For one month, smoke only the first half of each cig and destroy and throw away the other half. After a month of this, you have weaned way down or off your addiction to nicotine. Then start weaning yourself off the habit of putting hand to mouth.

He says his patients swear by this method.


05/01/2012 06:01 AM
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Sounds good.

I am using the E-Cig and it is great. I have already cut back 3/4 of what I did smoke.

I don't have withdrawels since it has nicotine. I am using hand to mouth motions which is a hard habit to break. Plus, I do inhale, feels like a real puff and blow out what appears to be smoke. And the tip lights up when you take a puff much like the fire brightens when you puff a real cig.

I assume it is designed to address all componets of cigarette smoking. Which it does. And does not contain the other 400 ingredients in a cig...just the nicotine which is what we are physically addicted to.

I am hoping within a few months I will be smoke free.

I quit in 1998-2005. Never relapesed until one day in 2005 I picked one up thinking I could control it.

Not only could I not but smoke way more than before I quit.

Why did I do it? I have asked myself that question a million times.

I don't know.

Good luck friend. Praying for you/me/others.

What I remember being the best things when I stopped smoking was the taste of dairy products was amazing and I could laugh without coughing.


05/01/2012 02:18 PM
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Donna, I haven't had to quit smoking, but I understand it is difficult. It would be like me going on a diet. My husband quit 6 years ago. He smoked since he was 15, 45 yrs TTL. I love kissing him even more. So good luck and God Bless

05/01/2012 03:07 PM
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I think that's good advice, Donna.

I'm a quitter, too. Especially the past few months. For me it's been a case of stopping the unconscious smoking... like while playing a game or watching a movie, where I smoke one and don't realize it til it's nearly gone. I'm gonna do this. I'm down to less than half a pack and some days only 3-4 now. But at this point I can't get my mind to the point of never smoking again, at all. It will come, I hope. If I can imagine it like it's real, I can usually do it.

I also want to learn more about these e-cigs. hmm that might be perfect.


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