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04/30/2012 12:40 PM

I Have RA, and doc never gave me any meds

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Hi, my name is Achyten,, its been a long time since i've been here... I now realize that this place is the only place that you can talk to others for help and get it....

I was diagnosed with RA,, high inflammation blood levels,, so the doc told me,,,however he never gave me anything to take as far as meds go.. that was over a year ago now..

Today and most days, I can hardly walk,, feet hurt, top of feet,, ankles, and my legs are always so weak,and achey..they are throbbing today..

My cousin has RA and her doctor put her on mtx injections once a week... she says she does real good on it..Oh God! I need some relief so bad..even though i'm taking dilaudid, twice a day..don't know why i'm on it as it doesn't help much,,if any.

What a terrible disease to have!! Do any of you think I should have been put on meds a year ago, when I was diagnosed?Or am I just being a woose?? Egads! I hope not..

Thankyou,, anyone, who can help me.....


04/30/2012 01:19 PM
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You are NOT a woose!!! Smile You need medicine! The faster you get meds, the faster you can slow down the disease. I would make a appointment ASAP & if the doctor still won't give you anything, I would find another doctor.

Good Luck

04/30/2012 01:45 PM
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Hi Achyten.

From what I've read, not everyone is given meds for the RA to begin with (depending on severity and length of time) and it's not uncommon to start the patient on anti-inflamatories only. Either way, if what the doctor perscribes doesn't help then you should schedule a follow-up appointment.

I hope it all works out for you.


04/30/2012 05:08 PM
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If someone is told they definitely have RA then they should go on RA meds, or at least be given the options. Sometimes, the doctor is not sure you have RA, so doesn't want to give you the drugs if you don't need them. If not put on the drugs, then the RA can get worse and cause permanent damage. As well, it could affect your heart, lungs, kidneys, etc.... So, you should have been explained about the drugs and given the chance to prevent or slow down the progression of this systemic autoimmune disease.

I was not in a bad flare when I was diagnosed, but an MRI showed the RA. Anyway, at that appointment I was prescribed methotrexate (MTX) and Plaquenil, as well as folic acid to counter the side effects. I read the info about the drugs, but decided that I didn't want to take a chance on becoming seriously disabled or have a problem with my organs.

I hope you can discuss this with your doctor. good luck.

04/30/2012 05:59 PM
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Hi Achyten, be frank with your doctor. If you've been diagnosed with RA, then you should be treated for it. That's like saying to someone, "well I know that you have diabetes and need insulin, but I'm not going to prescribe it for you."

Get tough with your doctor, and if they won't help you then seek out another who will. Ask them if they want to be held responsible for your joint damage, where your chart may indicate that they diagnosed you but didn't treat you..... I bet that gets them off their... well, you know.

Just make sure you get the help you need. Be tough. Get nasty if you have to. This is your health, and unfortunately you're the only one who will advocate for yourself. Remember, you're a warrior and YOU CAN DO THIS!!


04/30/2012 08:00 PM
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Well, honey, it sounds like you have an absolute dumbass for a doctor. You have been dxed for a year and not recieveing RAD meds?

Yet he has prescribed a very potent pain med. This pain med should have been on down the line. Instead he should have prescribed neccessary RAD meds and a less potent pain med.

The RAD meds could have been treating the disease thus making symptoms much better. Especially pain.

Most of us will eventually be using strong pain meds such as morphine, fentyl, diludid, But we start out on milder pain meds so as to have a window opened for harder times. We climb the ladder so to speak.

Are you taking NSAIDs, prednisone...anything besides pain meds?

Of course these meds treat symptoms not the disease and are beneficial. But anyone with RAD needs treatment of the disease.

RAD is a chronic, progressive disease.


Progressive-beomes worse.

RAD meds slow progression. Notice I didn't say stop only slows.

RAD meds can make quality of life worthwhile.

The terrible pain you are experiencing is most likely from uncontrolled RAD. Even the strong pain meds can not do what RAD meds can for the body.

Are you seeing a rheumotologist? If not you need one.

Please seek out another doctor, hopefully a rheumy.

I have no doubt once you begin proper treatment life will be easier.

Praying for you.

Gentle hugs

05/01/2012 03:25 AM
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Achyten, have you seen this doc for the last year and he's not treating the RA or have you not seen him since last year?

Either way, if I was you, I'd be making an appt with a new Rheumy. Do you live close enough to your cousin that you could see her doc? You need RA meds, Honey. Your doc is a quack.

Hugs, Donna


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