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04/28/2012 03:54 AM

Shoes???(page 3)

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My feet feel best in oversized deep cushioned house slippers. I always wear them to car, slip them off and put on whatever kind I will be wearing in in public place. Usually New Balance tennies, Eastland loafers, flat mules (I love), or slip on sandels.

All feel fine for awhile.

Then when we are back in car, off the shoes come, Vick's Salve rubbed on feet and house slippers slipped on.

Sweet relief....



04/28/2012 04:41 AM
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I've been putting off bunion surgery on both feet for awhile now. They give me grief in most shoes but when the RA is flaring in the feet it sets off the bunions as well and they hurt more then they ever do without the RA flare.

Bits, I do the same thing. Slippers in my truck always. I've even started grocery shopping in the kinds with the harder outdoor soles on them. I got a pair of Isotoner slippers for Xmas and they are so comfortable I kept forgetting to put actual shoes on when leaving the house so now I just shop in them.

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04/28/2012 05:20 AM
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Same here. Did you know that cruise control only works to 30-35 miles and hour. I use it many times while driving. love my comfy slippers while commuting my son. I tried to get away with not changing to shoes, but my son rolls his eyes-"Oh Mom" Dizzy

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04/28/2012 08:38 AM
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Love to wear crocs when just walking around. Will change into dresser shoes for court but love my crocs and merrels.

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