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04/20/2012 12:44 PM

New to forum, need help interpreting blood results

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Hello Everyone,

I am new to this whole website but in my internet search it seemed to be the go-to for finding info on Lymes and ANA results etc. If I am not posting in the correct place please feel free to direct me to another group that you think might be able to help me Smile

I will start with a brief background. About 2 months ago I went to the Dr for blood work because I had been experiencing a lot of weird symptoms. I was chronically fatigued, experiencing chills and flu like symptoms constantly, weakness, joint pains, headaches, neck pain, very irregular periods, etc. I actually believed it to be my thyroid since I had issues with hypothyroidism in the past. I am forced to go to a local clinic that deals with uninsured patients since I recently became unemployed and lost my health insurance and this is the only place I can afford. Unfortunately they dont have the best reputation, but I really had no other choice. Anyway the Dr sent me for my first round of lab work and to my surprise my thyroid came back fine and the only red flag were that my liver enzyme levels were "slightly high". I am not a drinker and I dont abuse drugs (as my Dr eluded)so I was sent in for more lab work including a Hepatitis panel and RA tests for the joint pain. I was called into the office today because some of the results came back positive. I am hoping that since the Dr told me she didnt know what it all meant that some of you may be able to shed some light for me and direct me to where to go from here!

My ANA came back positive

Under that it has

Centromere B AB >8.0 positive (my Dr said she had "no idea" what this meant)

Further into the results were the Lyme panels and everything was non reactive with the exception of these two:

Lyme Disease 41 KD IGG : reactive


Lyme Disease 23 KD IGM : reactive

My RF came back as an 11.

The only advice that this DR gave me was to go to a rheumatologist for further tests but when she found out that I dont have any insurance she fluffed it off by saying that these could be false positives and that I could just take some glucosamine and continue exercising and I should be fine. Not the best answer if you ask me. I will add that I have only been bitten by a tick one time when I was three (I am 32 now) and I have not had a rash or anything, just the symptoms as described above. I have weeks where I feel good and weeks where I feel like I cant get off the couch.

I would appreciate any feedback on what this all means.

Thank you all so much in advance! I also posted this under the Lyme and FMS board hoping someone there would have some feedback as well.


04/20/2012 04:33 PM
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Hi KH, centromere tests are antibody tests for connective tissue diseases. Usually Lupus and sclerosis but they can also be possible for other CT's. Do you know what your ANA # and pattern is? this could also help to getting closer to pinpoint things. But no one test exists to make a diagnosis for connective tissue diseases.

You do have something going on and a good Rheumy will get to the bottom of it. Many more tests will be ordered because alot of the tests overlap diseases and a ruling out process happens.

It is possible you have Lyme and something else. I don't know anything about Lyme or what tests are used to DX it or if Lyme can make the autoimmune markers for other diseases false positive.

Hugs, Donna

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04/20/2012 04:46 PM
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Thank you Donna,

Where would I find my ANA# or pattern. There are Stage 1,2,3 on my test with different sub-categories, are these it?

04/20/2012 05:24 PM
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Don't know what the stages mean. Mine always come back with a Titer# and pattern. The tier starts positive at 1:40 and can only double from there. 1:80...1:160...1:320...and so on. With ANA though, positive is positive after 40 no matter how low or high the #. It does not correlate with pain levels. Then there are 5 patterns with it..Speckled..Homogeneous..Neucleolar...Peripheral/rim...and Centromeric. Each one has a group of connective diseases that points the doc what to look for first.

If these were not on your test results, your doc should have them. Try calling for them.

Here's the easiest to read and understand test results I have ever been able to find. It explains each test used for many AI diseases.

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04/25/2012 06:25 PM
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Hi, kh. I read your post, and I could have written it! Just about the same thing happened to me two weeks ago. Went to the doctor, joint pain, fatigue, etc...quite sure it was a thyroid problem. My blood test came back positive for Lyme (I had band 23 only, not 41 like you)' and my rh was 18.7.

I am going to the rheumatologist my doctor suggested I see, but my thought is to definitely seek treatment for Lyme first. I'm hoping that it's actually the Lyme that's causing the rh antibodies to show up.

Good luck with your treatment! If you want, maybe we could keep in touch and share notes on our progress as it seems our stories are quite similar so far.


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