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02/05/2012 07:33 AM

RA nd Enbrel shots

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Hi everyone, I'm new to this group so if I'm doing something wrong on here please tell me. I've suffered with RA pain for 5 yrs but was only diagnosed 2 yrs ago. Did all the standard meds, prednisone methotrexate frolic acid leucovorin. Now I'm on Enbrel 50 mg shot once a week. Along with 6 mg metho weekly. I'm taken 6 weekly shots and when time for 7 th shot I contracted a viral infection that my gbabies gave me. Sinus crap. And family doc gave me a rocephin shot. Rheumatologist said DONOT take that weeks Enbrel shot or methotrexate . But I could take the next one the following week. Let me tell you the morning after my first Enbrel shot I was 95% pain free, haven't felt that good in 6 yrs. Pain free for 6 weeks till the virus hit and I couldn't take 7th shot. My question now is has anyone been sick and couldn't take their Enbrel shot and did they flare back up. Mine came back with a vengeance. And when I do get to take my shot again will I get instant relief like with first shot.

02/05/2012 09:24 AM
heager1Posts: 298

Hi! Welcome to the group.I'm currently not on Enbrel but I have heard that as soon as you stop the meds to clear up a infection that you can go back into a flare. I'm sorry that you are dealing with that. I am also happy to hear how well the Enbrel shot has worked for you. My next rheumatologist appt he is planning on starting something but I think I want to go with Enbrel I have heard so many good things.

Good luck I hope you get well and back on your shot soon..

02/05/2012 09:57 AM
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I love the Enbrel. Plus I get it free. Through Enbrel. They accept only what my insurance pays. If your gonna try it go ahead and get signed up with them and then your rhuemie can fax info at your next apt. Thanks for getting back with me.

02/05/2012 02:50 PM
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I did Enbrel for 4 weeks. Like you, after 1st injection, there was a major difference in RA symptoms.

I never felt better than my time I did with Enbrel, except when I had nearly 3 months of remission (non-Enbrel related).

Sadly, I developed Cellulitis in 3 of the injection sites and was hospitilized for 5 days. A few weeks later I developed double pneumonia and was hospitilized 10 days.

No more Enbrel for me. Believe me, I cried and begged for it. In fact, if allowed I certainly would try again.

My RA symtoms came back very quickly once the heavy steroids (from pnumonia meds) cleared my system.

I have heard once the Enbrel is started back relief is gained once agin.

Hoping you find easement soon.


02/10/2012 08:00 AM
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Hi. I have been on Enbrel for about five years and have had to postpone the weekly injections on at least a couple of occasions. In once instance the relief was quickly experienced with the next injection; another time it took three weeks for relief to be had.

However, I hasten to add that I did not have noticeable relief until after the three month mark when I first started the med.

I hope you are feeling better and are experiencing relief.


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