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12/29/2011 05:07 PM


heager1Posts: 298

How many of you have a positve anti-ccp test? I have a positive RF factor and a negative Anti-ccp. this really bothers me because the anti-ccp is suppose to be 98% specific.

Can we please discuss this again thank you


12/30/2011 04:30 PM
Posts: 3907
Group Leader

I quite honestly don't remember mine... but you can have positive RF and negative anti ccp and still have RA from my understanding.

Here's some info on it though: results.html

12/30/2011 08:30 PM
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Hi heager1 - For me it was the exact opposite, my RF factor was normal, (which is part of the reason it took so long for me to be dxd) My primary checked it a few times but no other blood tests. When I finally was seen by a Rheumy and they did additional blood test my anti ccp was off the charts and still my RF was only slightly elevated.

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