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09/21/2011 01:48 AM


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I finally went to sleep around 9:30pm and slept till 2am with the help of Xanax.

Now, my head is hurting and I assume it is from the back injection. Back has strted to hurt, some, and can not use my heating pad. ain't so... heating pad is off limits until Wed evening.

I have a serious addiction to heating pad. I think I am having heating pad withdrawels. Shoot, and I was worried about med addictions.

The doc said I could have headaches and are normal. Wonder how long it will last? Anyone know?

I am still wired but it is a good energy. Not the anxious kind of wired I experience every now and then. You know the kind where you feel anxious, heart may beat faster, like you want to jump out of your skin?

Thank goodness, this is just a nice energetic feeling. Actually, I wish I felt like this more often.

Thank goodness I have energy because I washed Hannah's dark blue sweater and when I took it out for drying it was covered in white fuzz. There was a white sock in with it and it must love the sweater. I washe it again making sure it was alone when I took it from wash it was covered with suds. Soooo... another wash.

At last, it looks like a clean, lint free dark blue sweater. Bout time.

Hannah will be wearing a bright white slightly puffed sleeve polo

shirt under her dark blue dress, dark blue knee high socks with her sparkly tennies, her dark blue sweater that reaches to above her knees, pink gloves that match her backpack, nd little jeweled necklace.

Her hair will be combled and left loose. So shiny and soft with just enough body to have curls at the ends. We might put an small bejewled antique hair clasp in her hair. She has worn it before and it is pretty

I will send her Capri Sun drink and a small bag of chips for her snack. Pa will give her 50 cents for ice cream.

She will sip a cup of hot coca with whipped cream before heading out.

Today she and her mom Cassie will look for a pair of boots for Hannah after Cassie picks her up from school. I will watch Kman till they return. It is good for them to spend time alone now and then.

Told you I would be rambling. Can't help it. Hey, maybe this is the times I need to write my books. ???



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