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05/01/2011 10:59 AM

On restrictions but my job wont let me work

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Ok here is the thing going on. I went to my dr Wed because I was feeling very weak and tired. He told me my RF is elevated its up to 23.5 from normal 20. I know its not much but my SED rate was normal.He then ran a CCP antibodies test and now I am waiting for results still. He let me return to work with restrictions. Well this morning I had it to the manager <he is not very nice to me thats why I wanted to wait till the nice manager came in, but she was off today> He reads the paper which states I cant stand or walk for prolonged periods of time. Also I can not life over 25 lbs, and no repetitive bending. Well he said I am sorry you cant work. Ok people this is wal mart with many positions that will fit my needs till the end of the restriction on May 19.He said you can only get the door greeter position if you come back from work comp.Also he said I would have to call in everyday.Which there is only three days on 1 point!So I said I will get fired, right? He said well 7 points and you will be! WTF! I said well I cant even be a cashier for a little.He said no cause prolonged standing.He is making up excuses for everything! The manager I talked to about everything the nice one, she told me as long as I have a drs note and etc they can transfer me out of the area where I am. Which is lawn and garden and with all this crazy stuff going on its killing me.I didnt even pick that area I was hired for electrics and all of sudden they want me in lawn and garden which my joints and boday is not handling very well with all the lifting. He made me so mad I started crying! I am a gay female and from day one I could tell he didn't like me.By the way he talked to me. And now hes saying I cant work and if I dont get the restrictions lifted before my 7 points I lose my job and theres nothing he can do??? Isnt this against EOE and the ADA? I haven't been diagnosed with anything just yet but my Dr is thinking RA anyways.He also told me that the manager that said it be ok with doctors orders, that she is making things up?? Now wtf! I feel very sad and I feel like I am being discriminated against and I just wish I was normal.than maybe I would have a chance at a job and some what normal life. The medicade lady wouldn't even help me like she said she would.I walked in to her office and I guess she couldn't see it physically on me and sat and told me no medicade your not preg or over 65.Sad

05/01/2011 08:33 PM
PepperchipPosts: 197

Your manger can't fire you for doctor's restrictions, that's actually illegal. This just happened with a coworker of mine, she had to where a boot for her foot that showed her big toe. My manger decided that he wanted to protect himself, and called corporate for approval. Your boss doesn't have to accommodate you with out a doctor's note, but the minute you have that note it can become a legal issue of they fire you. One of the biggest thing that they needed to figure out was my coworkers restrictions, the company actually didn't allow her to work while everything was being processed, but she received short term disability. Don't let them push you around, your boss is just trying to scare you, just fight back.

05/01/2011 08:48 PM
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Several years ago, hubby was injured at work. He had surgery and limitations for a year. The company decided they didn't like his being unable to do any of the jobs there because all feel short of limitations, so...the told him to come in and just sit there all day.

He did. he brought a lounge chair, table, book, lap-blanket,and snacks. I kid you not, he did! In fact, he rather enjoyed talking with co-workers and being out and about.

Well, after a few days they saw he was not the least bothered and sent him home to complete doc's orders.

He was able to return to work after release from doc. Soon after he retired.

My point is they tried to mke it difficult for him by staying within his limitations. Thought he would get mad and perhaps quit. Apparently, they didn't know my hubby was wise to them and wiser than them.

Pepperchip has good advice.

05/01/2011 09:27 PM
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Pepper and Bits are right, if your doctor has given you a note of restriction then they have to accomodate you, they will ofcourse make it as hard and as miserable for you as they can because they don't want to be bothered. I would talk to the nicer supervisor and tell her you need accomationtions until you get clearance from your doctor. You might also want to go to HR. It is illegal for them to fire you for medical issues especially if you have a doctors note.

Good luck! Don't let them stress you. You have rights! Fight them if you have too, don't let them get you to quit!


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