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05/01/2011 01:51 AM

Thrush/Yeast/Ringworms, RA connection, Maybe?

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I have a question. Just recently, I was dxed with thrush and yeast infection.

I found 2 ringworms on my breasts while bathing a few hours ago. One is in the exact place I first (and only) time I found a few years ago. Exact place. The other is on other breast not quite as large.

I have Diflucan I will take Mon after finished antibiotics for pneumonia.

I realize thrush and yeast infections are most likely from antibiotic use, but, what about ringworm?

I have animals i have checked and they have no sores, irritations, nor bald spots.

The location of my ringworms is kind of strange to me, especially having the return of one after years in the same spot.

Does anyone know if RA can have an effect casuing me to have any of these conditions?

As I stated I take lots of strong antibiotics and know it causes yeast/thrush infections, but what about the strange location of ringworms?

I am stumped.



05/01/2011 09:55 AM
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Hmmmm, i wouldn't think RA has something to do with this one... Pred might?

05/01/2011 04:30 PM
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Gosh, I am glad hubby loves me. Here I am...shuffling around, unkept hair, almost a uni-brow, triple hairy legs, smelling of Vick's Salve, full of fungi, coughing harshly, painted toenails that have grown out half way till you see a bit of naked toenail, wearing my beloved ratty pjs and much beloved holey long red soft seater, etc..

It is is blind. LOL!

Friends, I look into his eyes and after 27 years, after going from a young (I was 27) vibrant well-kept beautiful woman to what I described above I see so much love pour from his very soul. He really sees beauty in me.

Fungi and all.

05/02/2011 04:56 AM
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I was checking out the symptoms of Thrush. it mentioned Candida was the cause.

So what is Candida? It is an over growth of yeast in the gut.

Get rid of the candida- then get rid of the thrush, yeast infection candidadiet.htm

This is a portion of the above website

Contributing Factors

Use of oral contraceptives, steroids, antacids, anti-ulcer medications, or frequent or long-term use of antibiotics

High-sugar diets



Food allergies and intolerances


I am not a Dr, but reading these and other websites to me it's common sense. I don't believe it's the RA, it's the med's we have to take that causes thrush, yeast infections. It's hard to choose, Pain, RA or treatment.

Ringworm is another fungus infection.

This makes me glad I take Probiotics.


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05/02/2011 07:47 PM
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I sae doc for follow up. Lung x-rays and sounds good. However, because of coughing up some blood have scheduled catscan for next week along with bone density test.

I begin Diflucan and Nystatin mout rinse today to clear yeast and thrush. She thinks the Diflucan will clear ringworm. If not, will use a topical creame.

Doc believes yeast/thrush is from ao many antibiotics and steroids.

UTI test came back today and I hav infection...yet again. I see specialist Wed. I don't think we are doing genomicin injections this time, but may do picline so as to infuse "whatever."

As you can see...more antibiotics and I just finished (Sun) 5 days.

I do feel much better but know there is a downside to so many antibotics my system has been subjected to.

Have to keep in mind....things do have a way of working out.

Thanks for info friends.

05/03/2011 02:09 PM
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Have had problems with candida too. Went on the candida diet and symptoms eventually went away. Tough diet. I lost 30 lbs but after 2 months my RA pain practically vanished. Felt the best in years. That was 2 years ago and the pain flares are coming on more frequently now but it was great while it lasted. Am still on the diet and eat no wheat or sugar. I also had good results with the Blood Type Diet.

Good luck. Candida is a real tough thing to control. Take care of yourself!

05/03/2011 02:38 PM
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Just got the call from doc's office that I am to be at the hospital Thurs for picline placement. I will recieve first infusion there then home health care nurse will come for the next 6 days to administer it.

It is the same med antibiotic we have used for the past 3 months except it will be a stronger dosage and be infused.

I will finish the infusions on Wed then have to go to imaging center for lung catscan along with bone density test.

Then, I have to make appointment for yearly colonoscopy and throat stretch. Which should have been done in Feb.

Dear Lord, I am weary. So weary.

Please add me to your prayers. Help me remember the beautiful things in life.

Hugs to all and thanks for input.

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05/04/2011 01:20 PM
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Hi sweet Bits,

You are experiencing so much illness and all the acompanying treatments, you are a strong warrior and will win the fight!I hope you wake to beautiful birds singing outside your window, the warm sun shining in on your face to give you a warm caress. Stsrt the day with a hug from your friends here at mdjunction ,we are all thinking of you, sending prayers, well wishes of healing and the feeling of peace from the simple pleasures of all the beauty of nature.May the skies be blue,the grass green, the air fragrant with spring blossoms and your joy be abundant.

Thinking of you with hugs,


04/17/2014 10:21 PM
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I was diagnosed with RA four years ago. I didn't respond to any of the meds my docs gave me and more and more joints became infected. I read that one possible cause is microorganisms (roundworms or even amoebas) in the joint capsules. people can become infected after developing leaky gut or other conditions that compromise the gut, especially if your immune system is compromised. I had a rash on my entire body with flulike symptoms the month before my first flare but the docs refused to test me for any parasites because they said I didn't fit the profile. I started taking a couple spoonfuls a day of food grade diatomaceous earth a few days ago and I could feel something burrowing out of my joint capsules in my hands and wrists and other joints within a couple hours of the first dose and dead worms were in my stool today. most people have some type of microorganism infection but most docs arent aware that it can cause lupus, fibromyalgia or RA like symptoms and they rarely test for them and the tests arent very accurate anyway. I'm getting detox symptoms but they're nothing compared to the pain I've been in for years so hopefully this helps.I already have less pain and inflammation in the most affected joints in my wrists and more energy than I've had in years.

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04/18/2014 03:20 AM
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Hi Meliscious

I've read things like that too. I do believe something has had to cause the RA we all suffer from. I also know that it's different for everyone. I found great relief in the oddest form. My inflammation was way down, and I felt great. It is on the lines of the gut issues that you speak of. Diet is only a part of what helps. Staying regular with elimination is important too. Keeping your body free from other infections.

Have you seen Dr Johnson?

I'm taking these steps and trying hard to control my inflammation. I want to stay away from steroids. He is in Appleton Wi. which is close to my home town. I would love to get an appointment with him.

I do feel that this is for inflammation from RA, I also need something to go after the RA itself. I'm on Simponi and working with an RA Dr. CLAP


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