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03/14/2010 06:39 PM

RA awareness widening?

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If any of you actually read Ladies Home Journal, there is an article in the 2010 March issue about autoimmune diseases and the seeming proliferation of them over the past several years.

Of course, it's a type of introductory article that the author probably wrote thinking that people haven't heard much about the grouping of such diseases (like RA, MS, lupus) and forgetting to lump in the "newer" links like severe Type I diabetes. However, I was surprised to even see it. Her primary "person" in the article was a Sjogrens' sufferer.

I do have to say on a personal note it was nice to see. But it's been even more surprising that when I do share with people in different settings that I have RA, I'm hearing more and more from them of a sister/daughter/daughter-in-law diagnosed with some type of autoimmune issue. Either the pool of people here in Northern VA has a big component of autoimmune sufferers or the doctors are just diagnosing more people correctly.

I say this because they are diagnosed with a real diagnosis, not just one of these cases where people tell you, "well, my (fill in the blank) thinks they have RA." These people are telling me about spinal RA sufferers, lupus, true RA and Sjogrens or Bechets.

In a way it makes me feel good that people are finally hearing about these diseases that so many of us suffer from, but at the same time it's alarming me that I'm hearing of these real diagnoses in growing numbers. I'm also seeing a growing number of admissions on the ICU where I work on the basic RA/autoimmune drug work-ups when we review their home meds.

Any thoughts?Dizzy

Jen in VA


03/15/2010 08:33 AM
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Jen: Growing number admitted to ICU for Medicine side effects ?????

Holistic Guy whould love to know ! thanks, Sheppie

03/15/2010 12:40 PM
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I wonder if it's because they're finally testing people for these diseases, or if there's a sudden increase in them due to things like exposure to chemicals, toxins, etc ...

Maybe it's the same phenomenon that happened with cancer... you never used to hear about it, and then once they started examining and testing people for cancers they seemed to be more prevalent.

Perhaps it's just that there's more knowledge now, so more people are being diagnosed?

I know the AARDA ( american autoimmune related diseases assoc) is putting on a huge convention in DC. Plus the Arthritis Foundation is having one too. The American College of Rheumatology just held their convention in October or November. Maybe it's that finally the word is getting out there.... one can only hope.....


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