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07/17/2008 07:41 PM

new RA Symptom? (kind of funny)

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Ok, this is a new one.

I was at work tuesday, when a coworker said that the back of my arms was bright blue. Everybody was worried that it was RA related. They even threatened to take me to the er. Keep in mind that this was only the back side of my body, and that I felt as fine as anyone w/ RA who is not on meds yet can feel.

When I went home, I wakled past our bed, and noticed that our NEW SHEETS were dark blue, and that I had showered the night before and went to bed slightly damp.

Turns out that I was blue because of the dye from the sheets.

I'm really touched that my coworkers care that much (or are they afraid of the worker's comp claim Wink ). But now they keep calling me smurfette


07/18/2008 11:09 PM

Sorry to hear you were so blue on Tuesday,lol!!

03/03/2009 02:53 PM
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Thanks for a laugh.....gettingoldsucks has had a bad day at the docs

She needs to must have been really tired, crashed on your back, and that is why it is only on the backside...


03/04/2009 04:51 PM
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Haha-this is quite funny. We all need a good laugh once in awhile. It is nice that we have a few funny stories to share now and again! ~Jill

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