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02/19/2010 05:16 AM

Rings for arthritic hands

VansDoubleLuckPosts: 31

Hey all, not sure if anyone saw my post about feeling normal (where my ring is concerned) because my hubby found an awesome solution to being able to finally wear a wedding ring but here's what he found if anyone wants to check it out. I know this is probably the last thing some of us think about, but he did this on his own for our (18th)anniversary and I just wanted to share it w/ ya'll. It makes me feel so good to know that no matter how bad my hands may get someday, I'll always be able to wear my ring because he is compassionate and caring enough to have found a way to show me how much he loves me and understands how I feel.

Hope it might give others some hope too!




02/20/2010 05:06 AM
Posts: 997

Hi Diane

A few months before I was diagnosed with hubby had my engagement ring re-made for me because over the years my finger size did increase a little so, of course, I picked out the setting and additions to it...well, it turned out stunning...and I have worn it every day since....I do remember at the time the jeweler showing a customer a ring for arthritis that actually latched and the one on the site you pointed out....At the time I thought to myself, isn't that great, never thinking I would someday be considering it....It just bumms me out that I would have to have my setting I am hoping my finger swelling goes down, its been almost 2 months since I could not get it on my finger.....I am hoping with the new meds and increased prednisone my fingers will go back down and I will be able to wear my ring again..

I think I will give it about three months, after that I will have to contact my jeweler...If they do need to make the latched setting, I am wondering if they can make the adjustment to my current setting as I had it custom made...Sad

09/15/2012 04:25 PM
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That's pretty neat!

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