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05/07/2009 07:44 PM

RP/Usher Chatroom

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Hello everyone, If you are interested in a user friendly chat here is one you may want to consider. I am pasting the message posted on the RPLISt:

click on or copy and paste:

for a low vision friendly chat program.

Once you have downloaded and installed the

program, you are ready to run the program and

start chatting. It will take you directly to the

#RPSupport chatroom.

The first time you land in the chatroom, you'll

come in as "RPer", and will need to change

that to a new nickname of your choice. You

can use anything you want within reason and

in consideration of avoiding unnecessary offense

to others. To change your nickname, type

"/nick NewNick" (without the quotes) where

NewNick is the name you choose (and make

sure you have the / in there).

If you have problems with this link, please

let me or Megan McHugh know as soon as

possible, and we'll figure out what the problem

is. My email is

and Megan can be reached at

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