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01/30/2011 11:06 AM

I weaned off Gabapentin


I just could not take that medication anymore. I wasn't being affected by it, just like before. So I can hardly pay for it with no ins. I decided to give it up. I weaned off slowly, didn't hurt me at all.

I'm so thankful to be off of it, one less med...YES!! But I still have nothing for pain, just a high tolerance I picked up through the last few years.

I picked up a pot the other day, my fingers on my bad hand were so ice cold and numb. The pot scorched my index finger , I felt that pain but not till after the fact, how very strange...

Well I'm allergic to all codeine products and they took Darvocet off the Market. That made me mad. It was the only med that I could use for breakthrough pain. Oh well, I will just have to keep my tolerance built up for a little longer until we get ins to help with the meds




01/30/2011 11:14 AM
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It's been difficult for me since they removed Darvocet too. I've had to try several different medications to try to find a replacement.

If the Gabapentin truly wasn't helping you, it's good that you are no longer taking it. I hate taking more meds than needed, too.

01/31/2011 07:20 AM
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If cost is an issue for meds, google the name of the med and then coupons. This should help tremendously! I know that costs are ridiculous when you have a hundred other things to pay for and you cannot work full time. Anytime a med isn't working for you, you probably should just get off of it. Keep trying to find something that works. Have you tried lyrica or namenda? I am suffering a loss over darvocet being taken off the market too. It was cheap and it actually worked despite what they may say. In my opinion it wasnt a money maker anymore because it was so cheap.

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