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07/22/2009 08:45 AM

Workers comp


Workers comp finally approved the prescription for the Tramadol and it is helping with about 25% of the pain and that's a lot better than before with nothing. But I am already having the allergic reactions to it but I'll just continue to use it and the hell with the reactions I'd rather have 25% of the pain gone and deal with the reactions then go through this with nothing again.



07/22/2009 10:09 AM

They gave you tramadol and nothing else? And your allergic to it? Seems to me you need to see another Doctor. One of the ones that dx your RSD. And address everything with the RSD.

I don't understand why comp is draggin' their feet on your care. And you've no insurance of your own or with the state?

07/22/2009 01:54 PM

August 3rd my attorney goes to court for me to reverse WC's decision so I can see another doctor that they have been denying me that right. I never had such a bad experience with any doctor ever. I brought in a list of what happens with RSD and she wouldn't look at it saying it's not her field she doesn't have to. Then she wouldn't look at the list I typed out of the problems I'm having. To be called a liar besides is really something else I can't explain how that one makes you feel. Well I got the Tramadol and I having the usual allergic reactions to it of bleeding from my rectum, but on the other hand it helps with about 20% of the pain or so and well that's better than nothing

07/22/2009 02:19 PM

What kind of Dr. did you see? That doesn't sound very humane! And bleeding of any kind is a pretty bad reaction to anything. I'm not sure that would be worth it.

Do You Have Other Insurance?

Your lawyer is going to try and get it reversed! Doesn't mean they will. You should have had the right to see another Dr. under comp. And to be without meds even from your Dr. is inexcusable with RSD.

07/22/2009 05:23 PM

Once workers comp found out it was RSD they have been denying everything my attorney got them to start accepting the medications again. It is insane to deal with this how I have been and the doctor I have is insane. WC has been denying me my right to have a 2nd choice doctor. What's unreal is I got a bill from the an attorney that's a debt collector and workers comp hasn't paid any hospital bills yet even the one where I went 1st time I went to the ER from work back on 12-26-07.


07/23/2009 06:50 PM
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Isn't work comp fun! I was diagnosed with RSD in my left arm and hand by the Orthopedic doc, two pain management docs and a neurologist. Work Comp has been paying for all the meds I take and the stellate blocks and all the test for the RSD. A few weeks ago work comp sent me to one of there doctors to get an outside opinion and now TTD checks stopped and I'm sure they will stop my pain management visits. Thank goodness my husband insisted that I contact a lawyer that specializes in this. I have already seen a specialist that he sent me to and he also has diagnosed it as RSD. They accepted the RSD diagnosis but I'm sure now they are trying to wiggle out of it. I didn't ask for this disorder and if they'd like to take it and let me live pain free I'd trade.

07/24/2009 07:34 AM

Comp is such crap! I was reading about someone yesterday that it took them 26 yrs. before they got their case settled. That is a bunch of BS! You've got better chances at getting disability than you have getting your case settled! And the fight is unbelievable!

They sent me to the doctor that dx me and they are not as I know of disputing that fact or the fact that it is work related. I'm stuck in a limbo myself even though I have our own insurance and have recieved my disability for the RSD. They are going to have their hands out to get back anything they've had to pay cuz comp hasn't for 3 yrs. now. It'll be 5 yrs this Oct. for my curse. It's a huge circle jerk if you ask me! It's crazy!

07/27/2009 07:52 AM
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I agree Workers Comp and Insurance Companies are a rel PAIN IN THE ASS.I have been on comp for 15 years and no settlement,they did make me an offer and I told them to stick it where the sun don't shine.They also did not want to keep the medical coverage if I took the settlement but having the SCS I turned them down again.I was under surveillance for a month by private investigators hired by the insurance,they watched my every move took pictures of me leaving my house,my car,where I went but they could not find me doing anything illegal.They even cut my benefits for a year they said that I could work,I went for testing and when they said what I was qualified to to my Pain Doctor and Lawyer went nuts needless to say my benefits were restored and I have had no problems since.The big thing with taking a settlement is that they keep the medical care in effect,especially if you have a SCS and also for medications everyone knows how expensive this can be.On that note i would like to say please have a good Lawyer on your side mine is an ex Workers Comp Judge.I hope everyone has a less painful day.

07/27/2009 08:56 AM

Sadly, I'm learning the hard way that comp is different between the states and an injury in one state cost more in another. And this can go on and on. I have a lawyer,I hear he's good. But not impressed with him at all. He wants me to get info that I think he's just not doing the leg work on. And it concerns me. Even if he is highly recommended.

07/27/2009 12:05 PM

As usual with this, you're sort of in a catch 22. I hate to say it this way but WC is really out there to protect the employer not us.

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