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06/21/2009 09:05 PM

Working Out

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In a few short months, i am gaining weight like a pregnant woman. How does everyone deal with the issue of gaining weight? I want so badly to be able to go to the gym and work out, but for one I don't have the energy to get there and two I have alot of pain that limits what i can do once i drag my growing tush there. Do you push through the pain or submit to it? There has to be a happy medium right? Dizzy

06/21/2009 09:24 PM
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Greetings Swimmom

I too gained a tremendous amount of weight. I'm learning to push myself into what's called "the yellow zone". The yellow zone hurts, but hasn't reached the red zone where it's so bad one would need to go to the hospital etc. There is sometimes a fine line between the yellow and the red. I never really knew about this zone until recently. I do push myself hard. Sometimes the red zone is present and I still push to the point of a flare up that lasts days. I do this only because I have to remain mobile. For so many years, I didn't do much because it seemed everything hurt. I isolated, guarded the limbs, etc etc. I was wrong to do so. I hurt me in the long run.

Everything I do hurts like hell, but if I don't push and push, I won't be walking again. I am now able to walk 7 minutes straight without stopping. I can't bare to lose that.

Warmest wishes,


06/21/2009 09:31 PM
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In all honesty, the first year I ate as usual... I have never really had a thing for sweets (except once a month if you know what I mean) and I only had RSD in one leg. I was in a removable cast that was on all day until I went to bed. So I was able to stay pretty active. But the RSD spread around the 5 month mark. It went to both legs and my hips. That is when the weight gain started. And when I had the SCS implanted the RSD took up residency in my spine and arms with in 2 months. It has made it pretty impossible to excersize.

I was told at 3 months into my diagnosis that I had less than 20% use left in my Left foot and that I wouldnt be able to walk a block. That really made me mad. Okay, I cried then I got pissed. And as this monster has spread I have allowed myself time to grieve and have managed to find my inner "bitch" when it comes to RSD. I may gain weight, I may loose it too.. But I will be damned if I will let it get the best of me and keep me down for long...

I think the key to loosing weight and excersize when you have RSD is to find a happy medium with yourself. You have to except the fact that you are on meds. They have side effects that make you gain weight. You have RSD. You CAN NOT be as active as you were before the disease arrived. BUT you can do things when you are having a good day that will make you feel good about yourself. Walk to the end of the driveway. Walk to your neighbors house. Sit outside on your pourch. Use a canned veggie as a weight and lift it to buid strength in your arms. (I do!!) We just have to be creative!! Hang in there and no matter what, NEVER EVER give up on yourself!!!


06/21/2009 11:59 PM

Me myself I push thru the pain and try to use it as much as possible. I almost let it freeze up,protecting and not pushing thru some pain. But with therapy I got more movement back and by golly I'm keeping it. It a constant battle but I try with that arm first to open a door and if I can't I use the left. But just the effort made to try is movement. Flares are different I play REO and ride the storm out. I do Get some exercise,I still have my legs(knock on wood) and can get some walking in. And been dieting,started counting calories. I have a thyroid issue,another weight gainer. The deck is stacked against us with this,but you can find ways to get around it. And imaginative ways to build strenght In areas. Everyone has to find their thing,to fight thru or give into. Don't go out like that! Fight for your life! It will take your quality away

06/22/2009 07:05 AM
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I push through a little bit but most of the time I don't do more then a few minutes at a time because it is too painful. I go swimming regularly though and that doesn't hurt as much as other things (at least not until afterwards which by then is too late to change your mind- although it makes your body turn really funky colors from the temp changes. also, i bought an exercise bike and i do that for a few minutes. i think anything which is either weight bearing or range of motion i can handle- just not together.

06/22/2009 10:50 AM

gaining weight could be because of the medication.

06/22/2009 11:56 AM
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swimmom, this subject has been bothering me for a while now, anyone can read my latest diary entry to get my thoughts. Weight gain is something that we all need to deal with. We can't all be super thin supermodel types. Meds, inactivity, and genetics all play a part. Thanks for writing this post. It has helped me.

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