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05/04/2012 02:08 PM

muscle spasms dystonia(page 2)

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Hi I am new to the forum. My husband was diagnosed with RSD in his right arm a little over 2 years ago. It has spread to his left arm and now is starting to spread to his legs. He has really bad spasms. I am not sure what you all consider to be bad spasms. His spasms are out of control, his arms start flailing around, I have to sometimes block his face to keep him from hitting himself, he has no control when the spasms are going and if you try to hold his arms down it is even more painful and feels like his muscles are going to rip. He currently takes valium whenever he has a spasm to try to calm it down. There have been times that the spasms were so bad that valium did not help and we would end up in the hospital and they would give him ativan. Interested to know if these are the kinds of spasms others have?

05/04/2012 04:29 PM
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Hi Joannie,

I'm glad you came to our group. Welcome and please read old posts for information as well as asking anything, as we want to help and support all who come. The kind of spasms your husband has are extremely severe and I've never heard anyone else describe anything that bad, which doesn't mean they haven't had it, but I've not read about it.

My RSD is in my feet and legs and the only spasms that I have had are mild causing my toes to curl under repeatedly. My doctor put me on Baclofen for the spasms and they went away immediately, In fact after a couple of days I stopped taking the medication and have not needed it since. My story is very mild regarding spasms, though, and others will have more to share with you.

The reason I'm writing is that maybe he could ask his doctor for a prescription that will be more proactive in trying to keep the spasms away, or at least to lessen the severity of them. Has he ever taken anything like Baclofen or anything constantly that might help? I know with some things like pain it's easier to keep the level down than it is to get the pain under control once it's severe. Maybe the spasms would do the same thing and by keeping them from getting so severe could change the picture. I would sure ask the doctor about something to try to keep them away or make them milder when they do occur.

I hate to take all the medications that I take, but on the other hand I've been very grateful that there are things that help me with many symptoms of RSD. Thus, I hate to sound like I would throw a pill at any problem, yet some problems will only be helped that way or best be helped that way. Are there any things like warm baths or massage that might help? It might be too painful to get a massage, I don't know. I went for a pedicure once since having RSD, and they use to feel SO good when they would rub lotion on my feet and massage them, but now... it's pain through the roof! So that might not help but we're all so different with this disease you never know.

I'm glad you came to the group and hope you'll find that it's a great place to ask questions or vent or just get some support. I don't know what I would have done the last few years without it. Tell your husband we'd love to have him, too!


05/05/2012 02:28 AM
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Welcome Joannie,

My RSD started from surgery in my neck at C4,5, and 6. The pain started on my left side of neck, shoulder and arm. Now it is everywhere just like your husband. I take diazapam which is the samething and at times it does not work for me either. The best thing for him to do is TRY not to think about them and think of something pleasant. It works a little bit but if I were you I would call his doctor to add something like Flexeril with it.

Good luck, Cindy


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