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12/11/2011 07:58 PM


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hi im new to this site and group my name is Dawn i had an injury at work 4 yrs ago in june 2007 in my left leg...needless to say the place i worked at wasnt very good at caring for their employees...well in sept 2007 i started to have color changes in my foot highly sesitive to touch wearing clothing...couldnt have ne thing touch my leg their drs kept saying it was all in my head they never sent me to a " treating dr" kept sending me to drs for medical evaluations only in mean time my leg filled up with fluid so i have sever lymphademia to wear i have to wear leg pumps on my legs every one ever diadnosed me with rsd untill 4 yrs later nfortunately i now have sever rsd lost the use of my legs the rsd caused me incontinence..they finally said oh u have rsd..well in aug 2011 they did a spinal cord stimulator took care of about 40% of my pain lot better then what i was going threw...unfortunately it seemd like im getting the rsd in my bk around where the incinsion is im having the same symtoms as i was getting in my ne info or helpful hints im all ears pls...ty and god bless u all

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12/11/2011 11:13 PM
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Hi Dawn,

I can tell you've had a long time to learn about RSD now... so sorry to hear about it. Do you have a good pain doctor? That is helpful. I understand the feeling of having the RSD in your foot and not being able to wear shoes and feeling like the top of my paints on my ankle is painful or the sheets at night on the bed are kicked off. It seems crazy. But,it's real and we have to figure out our best ways to cope. It sounds like you're glad the spinal cord stimulator has helped some, but is there any chance that it might still work better? Are you on any medications? I ask because some of the pain medications might cause you to have incontinence. I had a problem with it about 5-6 years ago and it was actually caused by a medication I found out after MUCH testing from other doctors who didn't get it at all. I'm having a tiny bit of a problem again now due to a medication that I recently added but will probably stop taking soon. Well, keep coming here and reading stuff and asking questions. We will support you the best way we can, and there are some really nice people here of all ages. It sounds like you're worried if thee SCS surgery caused your RSD to spread. I don't know. It sounds possible but I haven't heard of that. With this we have found that we each have differences with our experiences and medications and things. Not everything that works for one will help another. But, keep reading and posting and you will learn just as we all are. It's definately a good place to do that! Good luck & take care!


12/15/2011 02:25 PM

Hi Lady,

Welcome to the group. Sorry you're having pain where the incision is. Please tell your doctor right and way and have them rule out other things it could be. I hope they can find a solution for this new pain area for you. take care. Hugs, Lucky

12/15/2011 02:46 PM
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Hi Lady

Welcome to our Group. Happy to have you with us. I agree with Lucky, please tell your doctor right away. May in the meantime if you don't have any they can prescribe you some Lidoderme/Lidocaine Patches to try to ease some of those symptoms.

I use them also. Often on my butt cheek, from time to time on my back. They help more with surface pain than anything else. They don't penetrate deep inside.

But may help you. For an OTC there is a product also patches called Salonpas, now a days they have commericals for them. I first tried them in 2003. They are not too expensive and can provide some relief also.

Do let your doctor know what's going on though that is most important.

Again welcome,


12/15/2011 03:03 PM
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HI all the above have said....WELCOME...

We are one big family here, we support one another, and we trade info, so to keep everyone as up to date as possible.....

Again WELCOME...



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