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03/01/2011 05:51 PM

stellate ganglion block (New) in pain


Hi I'am new and just had my second block in my neck, I am having pain I did not have the first time. Like it hurts in my chest and back. I remember my throat hurting but not for this long, I don't want to eat or swallow. Thanks to all. Pinch

03/01/2011 07:38 PM
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LovemyDogs, Welcome to the group. I love my dogs too. About the nerve block, when they give the injection they are giving it in a set of nerve roots coming out of the spinal chord. These nerve roots go to a variety of places in your body and are all gathered in the same area at the spine. The trick the Pain Doc is achieving (hopefully) is putting the medicine in where it will affect the nerve that is causing the problem in the offending limb without affecting other nerves. But because all the nerves are gathered in the same place there are other places that are affected. About a third of my Stellate Ganglion Blocks caused odd or even disturbing sensations (fortunately temporary) such as the one you have. I had trouble swallowing i some; ccasionally, problems feeling my feet; a time or two, odd, disturbing feelings in my chest; total loss of feeling in my lower jaw...I had many nerve blocks, few of which actually affected the pain in the offending limb but lots of other odd, often disturbing sensations in parts of my body that had nothing to do with my RSD before I stopped having the nerve blocks. The first few did prove the RSD. Some people have good results and for many folks having a 10-24 hour pain relief is great. One thing about RSD: there is no normal. Each person who has it has different reactions, different course of the disease, different symptoms. There are enough similarities so that the disease can be described but there is no such thing as text book RSD.

Again, welcome to our group. You are starting out doing the right thing by asking questions and in this group the only wrong or bad question is the one you don't ask. Please feel free to go back through our old topics to find answers as well as ask us questions. If you have a personal question or request, please us the PMs (personal messages. All the leaders and most of the members will respond but please give time for us to think about and find sources for the answers or organize our thoughts.

I hope the odd sensation goes away quickly and that the nerve block brings you long pain relief.


03/01/2011 07:45 PM

Thank you for the information, I have been in pain for so long and realized it would been nice to have other people to talk too.

03/01/2011 10:26 PM
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Hi LoveMyDogs! Welcome to the group! Im sorry you have RSD, though. I haven't had that kind of nerve block and don't have anything to share but wanted to say "hi". Hope to get to know you better!


03/02/2011 09:59 AM


Today I am in pain, every so often it feels like an air bubble moves up my neck and I have the worst headache ever!

03/02/2011 10:45 AM
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What you are experiencing is the primary reason I've seen RSDers choose to either not get or to stop getting blocks.

It is true that there is no one size fits all answer.

Despite blocks being helpful in many other situations, in my experience, I am completely against them for RSD. Recent RSD specific medical research supports my opinion, but what matters most to me is the overwhelming amount of RSDers I'm aware of who've been made worse by them.

That said, one beautiful thing this has given me is the ability to trust my gut. I do a 180 when I know something just isn't working for me. That's really the best piece of advice I have to offer. Give yourself the gift of time in learning to do just that when it comes to treatment.

This thing does tend to wax and wane on its own like most other chronic conditions, so the good news is even if this has stirred up your nervous system response, it's likely to calm back down again too.

In the interim, it may be helpful to ask your doctor about Lidoderm patches. They aren't the be all, end all, but can be helpful in numbing out some of the localized pain. Most docs will readily give them out as they're non-narcotic, topical relief.



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