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03/09/2010 12:50 PM

Need new pain doctor- please help!

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Hi everyone. I have had increased pain and spreading for the past 8 weeks. For no reason other than he thinks I should see someone else now, my pain doctor basically fired me late Thursday (had an office girl call me). He did refer me to a Physical Therapy & Rehab place that has a pain doctor in it but he cannot see me for 2 months and they do spine/back/neck issues, not RSD. I saw a neurologist last week who cannot help me and neither can my PCP. I'm so upset and terrified. I live in the Dallas area, north of Dallas. Does anyone know a good doctor here? Can anyone tell me why I should not panic? I am on Neurontin and Morphine and Percocet and have been taking these meds or similar for 2 years with the pain doctor I have had that whole time. Plus, I am devastated because I thought this doctor was on my very small "team" in this. I have cried and cried and now am scared. Please help!



03/09/2010 01:52 PM
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Gail, I'm so very sorry to hear this awful news. I'm in Oklahoma, so I don't know of any dr's in your area. My neurologist that I started seeing last week has recommended a PM that specializes in RSD out of Midwest City and Edmond, but I haven't been able to get in to see him yet (workers comp issues). Was there any explanation as to why he dc'd you? That's just ridiculous. I know I wasn't much help, but you are in my prayers and I hope you get decent help soon. Many Hugs.

03/09/2010 01:57 PM
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Tongue Cool hi gail! so sorry your dr. did that to you! what reason did they give? you might try to go to an internist. i'm not going back to the pm dr i'd been using. i am really happy with the internist dr. white. he put me on savella and gabaprntin. i still have pain but not nearly as bad as before. hope you feel better. please try not to cry-it'll make your pain worse. take care and talk to you soon!DonnaGrin Tongue Smile

03/09/2010 03:16 PM
okieladybug09Posts: 969
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Im in Oklahoma too.... Have you thought about calling your insurance provider and seeing if they can offer any suggestions?

Gentle Hugs


03/09/2010 04:17 PM
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Wow, Gail....I'm so sorry to hear this also. Do you know of any reasons why he would do this to you that you feel comfortable sharing here?

I have been thinking of finding a specialist too. The only ones that I can find are neurologists. The pain drs here that I've called only deal with spine/head/neck issues just like you said.

Maybe your physician could refer you to a different neuro???

03/09/2010 04:35 PM
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Gail, I'm so sorry about your PM firing you. I have been fired by a doctor. He could not figure out how to help me so instead of bringing in a new doc or refering me to someone who might be able to help, he "fired me". It really upset me. That was 8 years ago and that's how I found the best doctor in the area! So you have gone from a doctor who got you on a course of medication that got your pain tolerable but not really good and just kept you there. Now, with support from all the people walking with you, and with a name or two from another doctor or from someone here or from some research you do on-line or cana hopefully find a doctor who is more than adequate; who is the best PMD for you. Don't cry because you have lost an ok doctor.

Find it an opportunity to find a fine one!

Sending hugs!

Rev. Maryanne

03/10/2010 12:06 AM
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Oh my!!! I have never heard of a doctor 'firing' a patient like this. But it is too late to do anything with this doctor. Do not try to do any 'bad mouthing' of this doctor. You could be talking to another doctor who is his best friend..... Here goes my two cents:

1. Stay as calm as you can. The very last resort is to check yourself in the hospital through the ER. They will get you some relief and hopefully start the process of getting you some assistance. The fact that you have been diagnosed (I take that for granted) will give you an opening to get some treatment and relief. Whatever you do, do not panic at the ER. Let them know you are in great pain. Do not wait till you are out of any of your medications. Forcing doctors to operate with out much info in a short time will frustrate them. Don't want to do that.

2. This next thought is going to sound crazy. Speak very highly of this doctor that fired you. Sweetness attracts, sour repels. So keep yourself under control and when you do talk to a doctor make sure you explain carefully what has happened. "That the doctor said he could not treat you anymore with any kind of effectiveness." Please tell them that the symptoms have increased and there has been a spread of the disease in "X" area.

3. Do not speak badly of the previous doctor. Praise him for his abilities to treat you for the last two years. These doctors run in circles with each other. They are very much inter-related, especially being in the same general areas, such as pain management.

4. Go ahead and go the direction that the doctor has referred you. If it takes two months, get an appointment scheduled with this doctor. They will not refill any of your meds in the interim. Do not try to get him to refill anything.

5. Ask the doctor's office if there is some where you can go for the next two months to give you a chance to keep the same medications until that time that you are scheduled to meet with him/her. What this does is shows them that you are not panicking. I know that you are terrified because of the meds you are taking. I know because I take morphine three times a day and 4 tabs of oxycotin for break through, daily. I have been on these meds for three years.

4. You do not know the doctor's perspective and will probably never know. Perhaps he is being pressured with the amount of narcotics that he is prescribing for his patients. The "powers that be" do monitor these doctors who are courageous enough to treat patients like ourselves with highly regulated and addictive medications. I know that you are not addicted, but dependent. Make sure that dependence is used when you speak with the doctor's office.

5. Make sure and I say this with emphasis that you do not go to one doctor and get say morphine and go to another and get percocet and another neurotin. Doctors will drop you like a bad habit if they discover a patient that 'doctor shops'.

6. Be very honest and positive when you speak with any future doctors. Let them know you will follow their directions and keep to task anything that they tell you to do. For me, I was told to loose weight. Sooo, I am doing that. As hard as that is for me, I am making sure that I am at least one pound under what I was the last visit. Doctors that see patients working at their instructions are much better to work with you. Please don't hear me saying that you need to loose weight (LOL). That was my example that was for me to follow.

7. Remember to speak with your "Higher Power". Without stepping on your toes, I have found great relief in my Christian faith. This goes for everyone who does have a "Higher Power" that they go to in times of need. As it has been said, "There are no atheists in fox holes." Well I say, "There are no atheists who have RSD." This is just my opinion and I hope that I have not offended anyone reading this point.

8. You are going to be ok. Yes, you have be cut loose by your doctor of two years. Yes, there is some grief and confusion for what has happened. You are going to be ok, this will work out.

Make sure that you keep in touch with us. We care for you deeply and want to make sure that you get under a doctor's care.

What I have said is completely my opinion based on my experiences and my understandings of how most doctors approach our situation. I don't expect by any measure of logic that you will agree with everything that I have said.

I don't have complete knowledge of your situation and never will. I don't claim to be qualified to give instructions, just my opinion. I really do hope that some of what I said is helpful to get you into a doctor's care.

Remember, if you absolutely have not recourse, go to an emergency room before you run completely out of any of your medications. Do not wait till the very last day to get to the emergency room. Give even the ER doc's a measure of leeway to work with you.

Please keep us in touch with how you are doing. You are in our prayers.

Because we care,

Dark Pain

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03/10/2010 07:11 PM
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Hi Gail

I'm very sorry you've had to go through this. I can very much imagine and feel anxiety and depression that came with being "fired".

My own Pain Management Doctor is also a Board Certified Anesthesiologist. This enables him to treat those of us with RSD.

He does all my pain blocks and also did my SCS trial and permanent implant. He also prescribes my medications. For me, everything is in one place. I don't see a Neurologist. And I haven't seen a Podiatrist for since 2003.

I agree with DarkPain in that if it's found out that someone is getting meds from different locations, they definitely risk not being seen again.

I had to sign an agreement that I wouldn't abuse my meds, see other doctors whom which he didn't know of, sell, distribute and so forth. If I did, I would be dropped from his care immediately and it would be further reported.

I do pray that you find some sort of relief. In the meantime I would suggest any modalities that might relieve you, OTC's, meditation and light exercise to keep the areas from worsening. It may hurt, but it has to be done.

Warmest wishes,


03/12/2010 07:37 AM
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Good Morning Ms. Gail,

I'm sorry to hear about what is going on! Please know that you are in my prayers & that I & we are here for you. As others have said , try to stop cry'n cause it does worse pain. At the same time I know that it's just what ya need to do. I don't know of any doc.'s out there , but I can say try goin through the internet for doc.'s , I have had luck w/ that. If u need ideas of sites let me know?!

All my soft hugs & hugs....W00t

03/15/2010 08:36 AM
thematrix777Posts: 297
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Gail: I know someone in the Dallas area. I'll email you some information.

I have been "let go" by pain doctors and physical therapists. So, it is not uncommon. The doctors want to keep up a good average and a patient that doesn't get better frustrates them to no ends. I was just flatly told, there is nothing else I can do for you. They suggested I go see a surgeon to just amputate my hand!!!!

However, the advice not to slam your doctor is good. There is an "good old boys" network among doctors and they really stick together. You don't want a reputation of being a difficult patient (even though you aren't, they will believe their colleagues assessment).

I'll send you an email and put you in touch with a person in Dallas that can give you some doctors name's....


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